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  1. I recently learned my lesson about returns. What I learned was that even if you list it as no returns, a buyer can request a return, and if you say no, they file a case with EBay, and my research indicated that you will always lose. My buyer requested a return, and then messaged me saying he would keep it if I gave him $100. I didn’t do it, but that return cost me some money. I’m done with EBay, and I’ve had a 100 percent rating since 1999.
  2. Mine was carried in the Gulf War, private purchase. Still has sand on it too.
  3. I think I remember reading in Mark Bowden’s book that the carriers were front and rear, because some chose to leave the rear plate out
  4. 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, I have a lifetime member certificate from them when part of 1st Infantry Division
  5. Unless it was part of a unit from Germany, the only 2AD troops in DS/DS were the Tiger Brigade (round out brigade) assigned to 1st Cav and then 2nd Marine Division, all active duty troops as I recall. Just don't remember any reserve components attached to the brigade
  6. I have one of those too, mine was from Kuwait. I had almost forgotten about it
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