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    I collect WW1 US, WW2 USMC, and WW2 GI items such as field gear, bayonets, helmets, etc.

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  1. That's a beautiful st. Clair liner, I would pay that price in a heartbeat. Shipping may be a lot if It's overseas.
  2. Don't take my word for the medic emblem because I'm not 100% sure but please buy that Hawley or sell it to me
  3. Okay well the Harley liner is amazing! And I highly suggest buying this for that. The helmet shell paint looks odd for a fixed bail almost to glossy than other fixed bales I've seen, and the medic Emblem looks added on
  4. When I visited Berlin there was nothing, I went to the flea market tho and found some WW2 German Army items like paper work, medals, ect but no Nazi items
  5. It's really minty, I'd say legit but not 100% sure
  6. If you looks at the wear of the liner snap hole for helmet strap it's all worn down where as the helmet strap looks new, it's obviously a replacement liner, and the liner has an early wire sweatband )), but the paint on the 506th helmet looks redone because I haven't seen any 506 marking near that
  7. Can I have the ww1 overcoat please lol, like I wanna go and buy everything
  8. Well he did say there was a name on it so maybe the name matches the paint, hard to tell if it's original
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