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  1. Incidentally, Ive just determined that the certificate Im looking for is DA FORM 5231 if that helps anyone know where I can look. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! I actually ordered one from them already and wasnt happy with the quality. It didnt have the embossed foil image of the medal itself. As for the text of the certificate, Ive got some pictures of the presentation from his wife, so I can recreate it word-for-word. Signature might just be left blank for now, but Im hoping to do everything else up nicely! Any other suggestions from other folks? Thanks, Dave
  3. Greetings, Hope everyone is well. Not sure the best place to put this query, so MISC seemed most appropriate! Trying to find a way to get a replacement certificate for a US Army Commander's Award for Public Service to a civilian. I'm a teacher and a friend of mine at my school was awarded this medal/certificate before he came to our current school. He was the JROTC coordinator at his previous school. He has the medal locked away, but the certificate was destroyed in a house fire (it was framed on the wall!). I've been trying to find a blank copy of the certificate that I can use to make a replacement for him. I've tried contacting every Army e-mail address I can find on the Interwebs, but no one's been able to help me. I'm not sure who to contact in Detroit (where he was teaching), because I don't have any contacts there and the school where he was working has since closed. I don't really want to get HIM too involved because I hoped it would be a surprise.Any help anyone can give is most appreciated! Thanks! Best, Dave Chicago, IL
  4. Thanks. I'll get that fixed up before I put the final display together. My dad and uncles have designated me the "family historian," so I'm trying to get this done before next summer when they and all their kids and grandkids will be meeting for a family reunion. It will be great to show everyone the finished product there. This makes sense. It would like a bit silly if the bottom border was much shorter than the others. I think this is what she was planning on doing, but I'll be sure that she sees this. Thanks a lot for your help. Peace, Dave
  5. I’d like to put a little engraved label below the “Ruptured Duck,” and I may put a different picture in there, but this is what I was thinking. I thought it might be wise to ask for the opinions of the experienced individuals who frequent this forum. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Also, note that my wife is planning on removing two bars from the Shipfitter First Class patch that is pictured in order to make it the proper Shipfitter Third Class. Any thoughts? Peace, Dave
  6. Greetings, My grandfather served in the Navy during World War II and when he returned from his service in the Pacific, he had the following awards with him: He died last year and I decided to try and make a shadowbox to display with his awards in a more fitting way. I've sent away to the Navy for replacement awards and purchased a couple other things. I have not put the display together yet, but I'm hoping to do something like this:
  7. He did earn the CMB and that was the basis for the award of the Bronze Star Medal. Peace, Dave
  8. Thanks, John. I may just try that. --dave--
  9. His name was Evert VanderRoest. He never talked about his service during the war. As a member of the 303rd Medical Battalion, I imagine that he saw some things that he would not really want to think about again. When he died about 10 years ago, the only thing that we had to go on were the discharge papers that he saved. I worked pretty closely with the 78th Infantry Division association's historian. The only things on his discharge papers were the American and EAME campaign ribbons, the Good Conduct Medal, and the WWII Victory Medal. He helped me successfully work out the entitlement to all the others. Is there anything else to which he might have been entitled? Peace, Dave
  10. Greetings, I hope this message finds you well. I have posted a couple messages on this board over the last year or so regarding the military history of my granfathers. One served in the Pacific (Navy) during World War Two and the other served in Europe (Army). I've been able to send away for replacement medals and ribbons for my father's father who served on the USS Bennion. It was not a speedy process, but the Navy came through and sent me all the replacement medals which I'm planning on putting together into a shadowbox display. I sent the request for my mother's father's medals at the same time. It took about 9 months before I heard from anyone, and there was a good deal of back and forth with the officials at the Army Human Resources regarding the award documentation. It's been more than a month since we get everything squared away and my request was sent to a different office in Philadelphia to actually send me the medals. I've been able to check the status online and am given the following message: The medals that should be coming are the Bronze Star Medal, the Army Commendation Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the American Campaign Medal, the EAME Campaign Medal, the World War II Victory Medal, and the Army Occupation Medal. None of these seems that it should be particularly rare or difficult to source. Does anyone know why these might be out of stock at an office whose job it is to supply them? Is there some other way to speed up the process? Is this a normal wait time for replacement medals of a World War II veteran? I am only being impatient because I'd like to get a display put together while my grandmother is still living. Any help is greatly appreciated. Peace, Dave
  11. Just for future reference, my grandfather served in the Navy in WWII and has a Philippine Liberation ribbon with two stars. He served aboard the USS Bennion. This does not, of course, help clear up this case, but it is another point of reference. --dave--
  12. Perhaps I have an answer to my question of whether the Bennion was awarded the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation (though not an answer to the question of whether there is a definitive list somewhere). This page gives the biography of Admiral Holloway and notes that he was awarded "the Philippine Presidential Unit Citation for his service in Bennion." Presumably all the men on the ship would have been eligible for the same award, including my grandfather. Since this is a Navy website, it seems like that would make sense. Does my reasoning seem faulty to anyone? --dave--
  13. Dear All, I'm not sure if the US Militaria Forum is the appropriate place to ask this, but I do have another question regarding my grandpa's ribbons. I've been wondering about the Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation and I think it would fall under the purview of this message board since the Philippines was a colony (or Commonwealth or Insular Territory or whatever it was) of the United States at the time of the actions for which the award was created. Anyway, I've seen various places online that list various criteria for this award but can't seem to find any definitive list of units that were awarded this citation. I am trying to find out if my grandpa would have been eligible for this award, and I would appreciate anyone's help in finding out more. He was discharged from the Navy before the award was authorized, so it's not listed on his discharge papers, but I've read that it was awarded retroactively. Thanks so much. --dave--
  14. By the end of the war, my Grandpa was a Shipfitter Third Class. I showed his uniform in another thread, but I'll put it here, too: Thanks for the interest! --dave--
  15. Thanks a lot! E-mail is on the way. --dave--
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