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  1. Well, I tried to get the bigger one back out, but all I got was "Action failed"...
  2. They more than likely are the US Army Engineers who built to AL-CAN Highway. I don't remember seeing any photos of France or Germany that mucked up, nor drove over any myself. Close sometimes, but not that bad. And if you take a look at modern dump trucks and cement trucks, you'll notice that their front wheels and tires are at least half again as wide as the rears, for pretty much the same reason.
  3. And the Tiger 1 was not a supertank. But until the Brits fielded the Firefly, and the Russians brought out the T34/85, and WE finally got those first 20 Pershings, it was close enough for government work. And even most other Tiger crews didn't run up a count of almost 200 kills each, on two different fronts. If they all could've done, we might have been in deeper doodoo than we were. Besides, technically it could be argued that his GUNNER was the one who racked up those kills...
  4. On a Sherman, more like 8 or 10. Or just about 1/3 the total weight of 30 tons. And that's less the TC's cupola, which is lying about 15 to 30 feet off to the side someplace, along with at least one of the driver's and RTO's hatches, which are also not there any more. Where's the hole from the hit? Probably in the left side, dead center below where the turret's supposed to be.
  5. I dunno... I think the best part is the little 1/35 scale fish swimming around. Impressive.
  6. What they all said. I like the guy on the King Tiger checking the map. And I guess that's the German gunner checking out the big hole in the front of the Sherman...
  7. Not without also damaging that ammo hatch and the surrounding area. I'm thinking a .50 from fairly close. And those interior shots show where lots of brackets were cut off, but no shrapnel or spalling, so I don't know why that 81mm was in there, but it wasn't to safely detonate it.
  8. Also true. But the Japs didn't have Panthers or Tigers. I may be mistaken, but I think their best tanks were about equal to Pzkw IV's. And, they couldn't field them by the hundreds or thousands on small Pacific islands, and neither could we, so the odds were a lot more even.
  9. I can't help but think it might have had the same "problem" as the Sheridan... too big a gun on too light a chassis.
  10. Not to put too fine a point on it, but several Tuskegee Airmen shot down ME262's in their "outclassed" P-51 Redtails.
  11. I just recently saw a photo of that. They took an M18 chassis and put a turret from an M36 Jackson on top, just to see what it would do. The war ended before they even finished testing it. Then they basically did away with TD's, and I have no idea if the thing still exists.
  12. Ohhhh, just offhand, I'd say about as high as the odds of this: Note that not only is THAT turret upside-down, but the whole upper hull went somewhere else while it was flipping over in the air. If they lifted the turret up at all with a crane, it'd been easier to just flip it over and leave it on the ground. Ordnance crews wouldn't have wanted to strip parts on the battlefield, they were usually pulled back to the rear for that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- US Ordnance mechanics had nothing to do with that,
  13. Interesting that they took out the entire recoil mechanism and breech, but left the gun tube in place. And another interesting bit... See that spalling to the right of the ammo-loading hatch? That's a near miss from something that was big enough to break off the lifting ring you can still see the stumps of. And those dings above there are from machine gun fire, presumably on a range, either before or after they cut all the brackets off the inside walls. Except for this: Where was that bracket located? I'm betting right below the hole for the TC's cupola, if so, that was
  14. THANKS, I didn't even know about that "Macro" setting. And for the other tips. Will take more and if they turn out, I'll post em here. Be advised, I know about the "US Only" rule, but I really don't have as many of those as from Der Feind, at least right now.
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