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  1. I was very fortunate to pick these up. I couldn’t leave them behind once I saw them. The top left bullion, middle SF wing/patch and bottom bullion Chinese wings are the new additions. The patch and Chinese wings are named. I’m very happy to add these to my collection. Thanks for looking.
  2. Nice one. Many of my favorites aren’t necessarily super rare or theater made, for example (though a few are) but I really like the looks of them and especially the history of the soldiers who wore them. Here is my favorite:
  3. Thanks. Yup, I’ve said it before. There’s no way I have most of my insignia without getting to know reputable dealers and collectors. There are several dealers and/or collectors I feel fortunate to have on my phone (maybe they don’t feel as fortunate, though) and I pester them a few times a month. I met them at shows, which everyone should go to if they can, and right here on this board. All of the new items I got last week were from the lead of a collector friend. I’m fortunate to have had very good experiences with other collectors thus far.
  4. I lucked into some really nice patches last week. Well, a little luck plus making contact with other collectors. I obtained a very nice SF wing; a great little SAARF group; and a very cool Chinese Commandos group, including a blood chit. The SF wing I thought I may find someday but the SAARF patches I didn’t believe I’d ever find. I’m really excited about all of them.
  5. Well, bam. Thanks for the info. I have that book so I’ll have a look. And Allan was right from the get go. He said it looked like a Red Cross patch of some sort. I said he was wrong.
  6. The pics may have come from his book “All the way to Berlin,” but I’m not sure and I don’t own it. I looked everywhere for a similar looking patch on jump jackets but found nothing.
  7. So I watched a documentary on James Megellas the other day and noticed a couple of stills that piqued my interest. What is being worn on the upper left side of their jump jackets? It looks like a patch but given the quality of the pics maybe it’s a piece of equipment, or some sort of temporary unit marking. Or is it something very simple I’m overlooking? I showed the pics to Allan and we couldn’t figure it out. Megellas was a replacement with H/504. I can’t see an 82nd patch anywhere so I’m not sure if these pics were taken stateside or in Italy. Any ideas? Stills taken from “Maggie’s War,” 2012.
  8. Someone just got a great deal at $2478. I heard that the first one went for less than the BIN price...
  9. Sorry to hear. Condolences to Bob's family and friends. May he Rest in Peace.
  10. Pretty cool show. I couldn’t stay long but there was some great gear there. There were several well known dealers set up, which was awesome for a smaller show. Vintage Productions, Flying Tiger Antiques, Larry Stone. George Petersen and Robert Wilson were there, too, plus others. If you’re into TR there was a good selection of things there. Overall it was a nice show, well attended and better than most small regional shows because of the quality of items available. I have a couple pics.
  11. Thanks to a couple of fellow forum members I picked these up last week. Two Japanese made 503s and a Chinese Commando patch. I hope all of you are staying safe and will continue to be as the country restarts. Thanks for looking.
  12. An Italian FSSF I found pretty quickly but I may have just been lucky. The 36th I’ve yet to find, even at the last three ASMIC and two SOS shows I’ve been to.
  13. Very, very nice. That 36th you have is the one that has eluded me for a while.
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