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  1. I managed to get this set from a fellow collector. I’d been looking for the tab for a while. At some point I’d like to find another variation of the tab.
  2. I think the spring ‘93 issue of the TP makes reference to these DUIs. I’ll have a look.
  3. It wasn’t unusual for some guys to add epaulettes to their 3rd pattern jackets. Steve from Radix Press told me he did that to all his jackets in country just because he thought it looked cool. I also know a guy who had a set of XL ERDLs tailored down to fit his medium frame. On this one, as many jungles as were available I would think it easy to get a size that fits you but who knows. With the ROK jumps wings, no CIB/CMB and those tapes I get an early 70’s vibe. The Airborne tab is an early one. The name tape looks to have been replaced. I’m no expert and maybe it’s just the li
  4. I just read a book about him and his team. RIP.
  5. This may be the one Allan is talking about. It’s a rendition in an Osprey book.
  6. This is mine, for comparison. I’m not sure if the auction Mort posted showed the back of that one.
  7. I acquired these three over the past month. The 3rd OG and Chinese made scroll came through Scotty at one time. The Oki made Snakebite patch is really cool looking, I think, much nicer than the Vietnamese version typically seen.
  8. Off the top of my head, Kevin Lyles has some titles and Stanton’s book is a must, I think. I’ll check my bookshelf when I get a chance.
  9. Cool. Looks like early 70’s-early 80’s to me. That patch was Army Service Forces but at the time this shirt was worn it was for Department of the Army Staff Support. Or Support Staff?
  10. Thanks everyone. Bill here are a few of the T patches. Two are interwar types that were cut out of their circles, I think. Major Z, yes I was with 2-16 INF early 90’s.
  11. Great idea for a dedicated thread. ERDL isn’t the most exotic or rare camo out there but it’s my favorite. Looking forward to more.
  12. I’d agree with Doyler that these are commercial knockoffs.
  13. A lot of members are sharing their offices so I thought I’d do the same. I collect patches and books so that’s what I mostly have displayed, plus the odd item here and there. I used to collect 1:6 figures til I realized I sucked at putting them together just as much as I sucked at scale models. I’m also a hunter and have some hunting things up. Having my own space is great and it’s a relaxing hideaway for me. But I’m running out of wall space for my patches and shelves! Thanks for looking.
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