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  1. This was my first year attending and regret having never gone before! But, I now have another great event to put on my calendar. A good friend of mine does a German impression and this was his 12th year..... Started going in 9th grade. He showed me around and my head spun with the amount of great stuff to look at. My dad had an especially great time. Next year as an early Fathers Day gift the family will be paying to have him go for a ride in a B-25. Will post some pics if I can find a way to resize.... Looking forward to next year!
  2. You have yourself a deal there, sir! I have an M35a2 for the tow home! Now, to procure a trailer..... ?
  3. This is my neck of the woods. I stare at UH-1 every time I drive by....plotting its escape to by backyard : )
  4. I will be attending. This will be my first year going. I've nothing but great things about the event. Several of my friends have been participating in living history there for many years. I'm very excited!
  5. Wish I had some info for ya. But the picture is great! And the quality of the ink work is looking good too!
  6. I just read the story in that link. Amazing! Well written, telling the account front to back, short and sweet. Thanks for sharing!
  7. @sactroop Green Mountain Barrels makes a "pencil barrel" profile, in 20" length. I want to say $180.....
  8. Looks great! I need to get my lower color matched to the upper and my 603 will be complete. Happy shooting!
  9. Yes! I've been going through this collection for sometime now. Excellent pics! 99% all new photos I've never seen. I Started at page 1. I'm at page 538 of 637 pages..... Lots more to see
  10. You didn't specif what period war you will reenact, but if Vietnam, a first aid/ compass pouch on you H suspenders with a small hole for the lense would work. At shoulder height it will still capture that first person feel with risk of being damaged. I plan on doing this at some tacticals this year.
  11. Great collection! Keep adding to that collection there! I've kinda shifted gears towards to nourishment aspect of militaria as well. I just bought a M-1950 , marked Rogers 1966. I have yet to fire it up. Paid $50 at a local gun show. Great shape like yours. Everything present but the cardboard box. You think that was a fair price?
  12. Think I broke some teeth when my jaw hit the floor! Nice haul. Glad it went to a good home.
  13. What's on my mind? .....OD 107!

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