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  1. Found these cleaning out a storage locker Are the worth anything or are they trash? Thanks Brian
  2. I was cleaning out a storage locker and came across a box marked WAVE Anything here worth anything or is it dumpster material? Thanks Brian
  3. The one I saw on GB was overpriced in my opinion. I think they were asking $12,000 for a model B. Should be around half that
  4. Some US rifles and pistols with some 60mm mortars Trench guns
  5. Awesome. Thank you for the information. I knew better than to throw it out but that was about it.
  6. Not sure what I have. More photos of the cavities are in the firearms/ordnance section
  7. Not sure what I have. Found 2 wooden ammo style boxes in a mini storage unit. I assume they are for loading/crimping 20 gauge and .410 shotgun shells? Any help is appreciated.
  8. My understanding is that pre-86 machine guns can be kept by the original registrar but can only be transferred to another SOT holder. I've never dealt with it but it's my recollection
  9. My small grouping of mainly practice/test rounds with an illumination round and a smoke
  10. Photo of my 3 M67's. Two have been inerted and one was factory made inert
  11. That's exactly what I needed. Thank you for taking the time to post all the photos and links
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