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  1. Thanks Jeff. I didn't know that. Thank you Mikie & Lars for the comments. Semper Fi. Manny
  2. Well I've made some headway. I painted the pilot. Definitely NOT my best work, but it will do. I'd like to see some 1/48 scale resin figures. I hand painted the canopy and attached it once the pilot found his way into the cockpit. I also attached the external fuel pods and the outer bombs on the pylons. I'm holding off on adding the other bombs on the fuselage pylon because I ordered an aircraft stand and it might take a week or two to get to me. I might scratch build one. Enjoy the pics and I hope to finish this bird soon. Semper Fi. Manny
  3. Very nice Lars! The woodland camouflage is spot on. You did a great job on the cliffside; but I really like that you added the "Edelweiss" patches of the German Mountain Divisions and I remember reading if a soldier was able to retrieve the Edelweiss flowers from the mountaintops; if I'm not mistaken, it meant he had a warrior's heart. Semper Fi Manny
  4. Hey Randy, you are absolutely correct but it seems Revell intended for this kit to be built while it sat on the tarmac, since the lower nozzle section part is only in the "droop down" position. I want to make it in flight mode, so "afterburners" it is. Thanks for the critique.
  5. Well I got lucky and received my AM decals in the mail this weekend and I went to work. I normally use Testors GlossCote to gloss a model so the decals go on well, but this time I tried Future Acrylic. I use it for clear parts to give it a nice glass look. The decals are great but I fear I didn't use enough Future Acrylic. Please let me get your critiques and comments on the decals on the left side of the cockpit. Here are some pics. Semper Fi. Manny
  6. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! There is a lot of action going on here. From the satchel charge pass, to the Bazooka team and the 20mm robot aiming in on them, to the 'time to get the hell out of Dodge...' soldier running out of the back of the half-track, to the soldier giving the MG-42 mini robot the "bucket", to the soldier getting a boost to get on top of this monstrosity... The action is extraordinary and you took some very nice pics that depict a fierce battle going on. I especially like the ones thru the windows and from behind the buildings. This diorama is a masterpiece. Well done Lars, well done!
  7. Excellent rendering of the passing of the satchel charge. The figures look great, the rubble and burnt out building look awesome and I like the huge leaking pipe on the ground. The stains from the leaking pipe add a real sense of realism. It's coming along very nicely. Semper Fi. Manny
  8. Very nice. A nice clean tank and I like you kept it in DAK colors. I built this one too, but I went with the grey color and put him on the eastern front. I always liked this kit. But you might hear something from the "Forum Director" since this is a "US" military site. We DO have a sister site: worldmilitariaforum.com. I hope to see you there. Semper Fi. Manny
  9. Hey Texengland, the stand is sold by Tamiya. Check their website, or other hobby suppliers. It has the stand pictured and another one with spring clips. Semper Fi. Manny
  10. Well I was cruising along after doing my preliminary paint job, when I discovered that the decals for this plane just broke apart as I tried to apply them. I was very disappointed since I've worked with Revell decals and they are normally very good. The F-14 I built was from Revell with great decals. So I'll be taking a recess for a week until I get the new ones I ordered. But here is my F-105D with its preliminary camo scheme. Semper Fi. Manny
  11. I like it! I like the fact that you let your artistic license take over and put those three men together. The figures and ambulance look great. Semper Fi. Manny
  12. OK, somewhat built, primed and ready for painting, decals and weathering. Semper Fi. Manny
  13. The iPad camera works great. That is a fine looking scout car. Your weathering is outstanding especially on the duffels on the rear of the vehicle and your overhead shot gives us plenty of detailed interior of the vehicle. Looking good Dennis. Semper Fi. Manny
  14. Nice work so far on that concrete wall. Semper Fi. Manny
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