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  1. Wow Lars, Dennis is right, the use of the bucket is great. I see you let your artistic inspirations take over and you've come up with a very nice scene. I smiled with delight when I saw it. The figures are all great. Semper Fi. Manny
  2. You are absolutely correct Lars. Good call. Semper Fi. Manny
  3. This is a nice clean tank. I like the fact that you painted the front hull red. Also your mantlet cover looks very good. What did you use to make it? Semper Fi. Manny
  4. Another fine piece of work in the making. Your "mine" boxes came out great. Looking forward to seeing this one come to fruition. Semper Fi. Manny
  5. My 2 cents: Why not put both vehicles in the dio? The half-track suddenly encountering the Hillersleben, like you originally envisioned it, the US infantry in action with the T-28 right behind the half-track in the convoy. Like I said, just my 2 cents. Semper Fi. Manny
  6. I second that! So far, so good. Semper Fi. Manny
  7. You did a very nice job on this LCVP. I like the weathering and putting 25 soldiers in the troop well came out perfect. I guess he's headed for Green Beach, Dog Sector of Omaha Beach? Semper Fi. Manny
  8. Lookout! This diorama is about to go off deep end; and I'm ALL for it. Semper Fi. Manny
  9. Hey Lars, I know what you mean when you have to wait for something. But I like how you kitbashed the figures together and how you positioned them in and around the halftrack. Nice work. Semper Fi. Manny
  10. Very nice work. I love that you are doing different subjects that are not usually covered. I've always had a deep respect for those soldiers & Marines that wore 'campaign covers'. Semper Fi. Manny
  11. ArtyScout

    Marine 1779

    Nice job. Thanks for the sculpting link. Your color scheme is spot on. Semper Fi. Manny
  12. Very nice work Dennis. Not for nothing, even I wouldn't want to hump up that rough terrain that you made. I was an Arty Forward Observer, and I humped with the grunts but the heaviest thing I humped; besides my field pack, were binoculars and a map case with a compass. Semper Fi. Manny
  13. Very nice! Semper Fi. Manny
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