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  1. Hello I have this patch, can you help with information on it. Thank you.
  2. I have sent you a message, please check and respond.
  3. Thank you. I would not want to screw someone else just as I would not want to get screwed my self.
  4. Honestly forgot to change that part in the listing since the return policy has never been changed to accept returns before. There are bids and it won’t let me change it now. It is stated in the description and eBay heavily sides with the buyer so I don’t see a problem. If people are not comfortable they don’t have to bid.
  5. How did you get played? I really would like to know. Got lots of messages to relist because people believe after the close up pics that’s it’s original paint. It is relisted with a different description that says that it is believed to be original paint and that if the buyer doesn’t think so they can return it. Looks like you are just trying to start something.
  6. This is the last thing I will be posting about this, thanks again to all who tried to help.
  7. I have never sold anything on here and didn’t even know that was a thing. I haven’t been on here really for a couple years now. I have been putting some things on mine and he has been helping me by doing others. You can’t get your numbers up until you start selling and I didn’t see a problem with that since it helps both of us. New sellers have to start somewhere.
  8. The one in his eBay pic as I said before is one of the three he got in Virginia from NCHS, a very reputable dealer. That one he picked up just for himself.
  9. Here is a picture of my cat wearing the helmet. I guess that is a style no one has tried 🤣 Anyways I will just be keeping it for display as to not sell something not knowing 100% for sure.
  10. Thank you! That is what I said, I see lots of helmets photographed that way to make them look nice. There are only so many ways you can photograph something. I can take bad photos of the same helmet I guess if that will make people feel better.
  11. Brian is new to this forum and can no longer respond today because of some limit. He is helping me sell some items, the only helmet that was mine as stated was the medic one in question. The other three were from the dealer in Virginia and were sold at a good price for helping out with some work that needed to be done. Considering they were bought to be resold I will not say the exact price. The helmet in the profile pic did not come with a liner, I have tons of extra liners and just put one I had in it for the picture.
  12. The medic helmet is mine. I had no idea who this Jamie guy was who fakes helmets until all of this. I have tons of stuff to sell of my late husbands collection and can only guess where it came from. This is the only helmet I found that had what I thought was original paint on it, there are tons of other helmets they are all just plain. My late husband was always picking up new lots of militaria from around the states and stuff has been siting in my basement for years. Brian is a friend of mine just helping me sell some stuff as there is a lot of it to go through. He has a light box and nice ca
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