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  1. Gary, Did you ever track down the story on this? Jason
  2. Did you have a chance to check the names on either of these by chance? Interested to see whom they belonged to.
  3. Graham, I have also seen that, which is what first sparked my interest in that. However, it doesn't give us any clue of what it meant. Or it doesn't shed any light as to why some have it, and some don't. Sounds like you have the same itch as me Jason
  4. Great grouping. Very complete group. I've yet to pick up a grouping with that much paper with it!
  5. Great picture!!! That is a very clear picture that shows it is not a stain but rather a deliberate marking. I have seen quite a few of the "circles" on sea bags and some gear. I have yet to see an actual HBT uniform with it on there. I do know, in the book "The Killing Fields of Okinawa" they make mention of being able to find the dead because of the circles on their uniforms and helmets. Thanks for sharing the photos, I hope we can collectively nail this down!
  6. I don't believe so. Most of the Marines in the pictures are clearly with Grunt units. It also doesn't look like the red circle that is "common" with the Arty guys. That's what has me scratching my head
  7. Hey everyone! Does anyone have any solid proof or ideas as what the circles the 6th Division Marines had on Okinawa were for? I am not finding anything at all. Thanks in advance! Jason
  8. Nick, Had an offline question about this and it will not let me send you a PM. Hit me back if you would like Jason
  9. Great looking uniform!! I am still looking to get a 2/22 uniform in my collection
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