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  1. Many thanks MattS. I have not been on this Forum for a while and delighted that you posted this link. Kind regards, Clive.
  2. Very neat examples Paul, they look good to me, also have great provenance. Regards, Clive.
  3. Many thanks for the images Sabrejet, really illustrates my concerns. I am fairly sure that collectors will have these examples, hopefully not bought, as I did, as originals. Will post a close-up of the flaw in the risers, looks like this is definitely one of the tell-tale giveaways.
  4. Thank you for your comments. The example I posted I bought several years ago, but am interested that some examples have been for sale in the last few weeks. Can anyone post further examples for comparison and any other information as to where they originated from? It is quite possible that both the backing Card and/or the Badge itself is a reproduction and I think fairly well done. The price for my Jump Wing was $38.
  5. Would appreciate opinion as to whether or not these British made Paratrooper Jump Wings are original WW2 or reproduction. I recall a while back hearing concerns about British made Wings, Glider Pilot and Glider Rider Wings that were made by Gaunt and on these Cards. Many thanks.
  6. Many thanks Ian and Danny. I have since found a short clip of images and music on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-2wVgxED2c It is entitled United States Army Eighth Honor Guard, Seoul, Korea 1959. It shows the very same Helmet Liner I have posted and also answers the question if it was worn on its own or wearing under a Helmet. Regards, Clive.
  7. I would be grateful for any information about this Honor Guard Helmet. I do not know if it was worn as it is or if it is a Liner to a Helmet. It has a 1st Lieutenant Rank on the front, 50 Star Flag on one side and Honor Guard on the other, along with a decal-emblem. I do not know its age, though realize it must be fairly recent, or where or when it would be worn, advice appreciated. Many thanks, Clive.
  8. I wrote to a very knowledgeable and authoritative gentleman, connected with the 491st Bombardment Group, by the name of Alan Blue, regarding this Patch and any information he may hold. His reply is as follows, also a clearer copy of the earlier image posted, plus one other. Needless to say I was delighted with his response. "The Patch belonged to the Raymond C. Hershay Crew, originals of the 853BS, 491BG. A better scan of the photo you have, which shows the Hershey Crew, is attached.Plane was T8:-F. Also attached is a view of the Plane after it force landed in Romilly, France on the 11 Sep
  9. Thank you Johnny and Firefighter, hopefully it will be identified one day, Regards, Clive.
  10. Look to have solved this with some Google searching. "Servus Boots 13" waterproof rubber Overshoes T315 $68". So definitely modern boots faked to be Army Airforces. Rather than dump them, with snow about, may actually be of some use!
  11. Very interesting, I certainly never considered the YKK Zip being post-WW2. Seemingly started in Japan in 1934 and the name YKK first registered as a Trade mark in 1946. Also never thought of fake Army Airforce stamps either. The image I posted may well be A6 Flying Boots, but they seemed higher than the A6. Now I am pondering just what these boots really are, clearly some age and made in USA? Image attached of the inside of the Zipper.
  12. I would like to find out if these Rubber Over Boots were used generally by Aircrew, also what specification or reference number they came under. I bought them many years ago and somewhere along the way I found an image of a similar pair being worn, by a Pilot I think, during WW2. I had thought they were more in keeping with ground crew, but would appreciate comment and opinion. Also wonder if they are common or scarce?
  13. Sorry about that Johnny. A good suggestion Firefighter, just wonder how to go about trying to find out if they had a Patch or not? It could also have been a design that never was actually issued, bit of a mystery. Regards, Clive.
  14. Much appreciate the Identification of these Patches Johnny, some I could recall, others not, I will get right onto a label for each of them. Out of the Grouping the only two I never could find out about were the 491st "Mah Aikin Back", now solved thanks to this Forum, and the "Donkey" Patch. So another mystery yet to uncover! I am sure it is an 8th AAF Patch, a Group based in East Anglia, the Donkey is wearing Headphones and some form of communication between a Fighter and a B-24 Bomber. I have pondered whether or not the colors of the Aircraft were relevant? I checked all my Patch Books and t
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