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    United States Marine Corps (founding to present)
    11th Tank Battalion, Tenth Armored Division WW II
    US Military Firearms 1861 to Present (especially WW I & WW II)
    War Between the States/US Civil War
  1. Just gave it another shot. Hopefully it will come through this time. Thanks Sir, Derek
  2. Thank you Sir. Just sent you an email. If you don't get it, please let me know & I will try again. Really appreciate all of your help. Derek
  3. Checked that, but no luck, just serial numbers. Hopefully obtaining a factory letter will give me some more insight, but just knowing when it was shipped is a huge plus. Thanks, Derek
  4. Charlie, spending the $50 sounds like a good investment. Do I just contact S&W or someone else for the letter? I really appreciate your help. This forum is great! Everyone is always so willing to help. Derek
  5. Received a very nice Smith and Wesson Victory Model 38 Special with US Navy property mark on it as a Christmas present & would like to know it's mfg/"born on date." Serial # is V2000XX. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Semper Fi, Derek
  6. Scott, do you know where you will be set up? I will definitely look you up once I get there. I will be there both days and look forward to meeting you.
  7. Yeah, I missed the TN Military Collectors Show due to a death in the family but the big Civil War show held at the Expo Center in Franklin is this weekend & in the past there has been a few non Civil War US militaria dealers there & hopefully there will be some this year too. If anyone knows of good dealers who will be there, please let me know so I can pay them a visit. I would really like to find a couple USMC officers emblems from WW II & the Korean War era.
  8. Anyone going to the big Civil War and military relic show in Franklin, TN this weekend? I was hoping to find some cool USMC insignia and some WW II holsters, so if any of you know any dealers that will be set up there that I should check in with, please drop me a line and let me know their name. This one is primarily a Civil War show but there is usually a good deal of other US military gear there as well. Hope to run into some of you there. Thanks and Semper Fi, Derek
  9. Very nice! Hope I can happen upon something cool like that at a great price one day.
  10. Very Sweet! Hope I can stumble across something like that one day.
  11. Gentlemen, Thanks for the tips on prices of the wings. I have held off buying any on Ebay because so many of them are well otside that price range. My wife, while supportive of both family history & military history, is still an accountant who would nail my butt to a tree for over paying "outside of alloted funds." I am working from a tablet, & still haven't figured out how to upload pictures, but hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to get on the desktop computer & get his picture posted. Semper Fi, Derek
  12. Patrick, that is extremely gracious of you & I appreciate any help you can give me. I spoke to him via phone & email yesterday & I sent him the link to Bob's website & asked if any of those looked familiar & his response was that he couldn't believe there are so many variations! He did say that they were about three inches long, he remembered them being Sterling, & having a pin back. He earned his wings in 1943, flew out of Duxford for most of 1944, including multiple missions on D Day, & thankfully made it home without being wounded, but about two thirds of the g
  13. Guys, I am out of my element & could use some help finding a set of wings like the ones my PawPaw would have worn on his collar & over his breast pocket when he was a P47 Thunderbolt pilot in WW II. He was a first lieutenant in the 78th Fighter Group, based out of Duxford, flying bomber escort & interdiction missions throughout 1944. I thought it would be neat to find a set of the wings, like those worn on the collar, as well as a pair that those he would have worn over his left breast, to frame up, but holy crap, there are a lot of different wings out there! I thought collecting U
  14. There is an "all military " show coming up in Huntsville, AL in less than two weeks, just in case any of you may be in North Alabama on the 19th & 20th of June. I snagged some nice USMC emblems for mine & my son's collection at the one this past January. Maybe I will get double lucky this year. Semper Fi, Derek
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