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  1. One more shot- the Chosin Reservoir display, which also has the 60mm Mortar. This is a multi-media display, lights, sound effects, and dialog. The entire room is cooled. One of the best Museum displays in the country. Marine Museum, June 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr As part of the renovation- the lighting has been replaced in most of the Museum. The new lighting is much improved, the displays are even more lifelike.
  2. Thankyou for posting these images, nice to see that others have more of these artifacts. I never saw my Dad wear these- or show them to any of the kids. My Mon knew exactly where he kept them, for when they would be passed down. The one bracelet that he wore when I was a kid was given to him by one of his High School students in the 1950s; was made from the instrument panel of an ME-109. The students Father was in the Luftwaffe, came to the US after the war. It's at the bottom of Lake Robin at Calloway Gardens, Dad lost it while swimming.
  3. The Dauntless, go to the Second Floor for the best view. Marine Museum Apr2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr And when you visit- be sure to take the walk around the back of the Museum. Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Memorials that cover our entire history.
  4. Some shots taken after the Museum's re-opening. Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Marine Museum, 1934 5cm F2 Sonnar by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr But- This is onto the next stop...and the only time I regretted not taking a color camera. Marine Museum, Summitar by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr
  5. The display as it was when the Museum re-opened was like this- Marine Museum, May 2016 by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr "just looking at his hands" as the Korean War Vet told me.
  6. And- THANKS to a member of the USmilitariaforum, the Korean War display now has a 60mm graphical firing chart back in the hands of the mortar squad. Graphical Firing Chart by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Graphical Firing Chart by fiftyonepointsix, on Flickr Someone stole the original on display, a member of this forum provided this one to replace it. I was originally told it was not needed- that a replica was put in its place. Someone took the replica...it was gone when the museum re-opened. So I brought them the one provided by riflegreen297, a member of this forum. The Korea
  7. As my wife told me, "If you use it, keep it", "If you like it, Keep it". "If you don't use it, and you don't like it- sell it". Easier to apply to camera collections on the "using it part". I'll add- if it is going to increase in value, think about keeping it as an investment. If you are going to miss it, and it will cost more in the future to replace it- keep it. I was bit by the camera collecting bug at age 11, I am now 57. The value went up for lenses- I sell equipment if there is something I want. I bought Robert Taylor's "Victory Flyover" for the 50th anniversary of the end of
  8. It came out beautifully, I remember the B17G as having the chin turret, and now learned that the final production run of B17F's had the Bendix remote control chin turret. Learn something new everyday.
  9. I looked up my Father's friend, Joseph Dullea, that died during WW-II, learned a lot. Found his name on "find-a-grave" and it had his Service Number. He was in the "11TH AIRBORNE DIV 187 GLIDER INF", trained as a Waco pilot as did Dad. Apparently his group was used as traditional infantry at Leyte. I had assumed since he was in Gliders that he was killed in Europe, Dad never talked much about it. Awarded the Purple Heart, died of wounds received in battle. Several years ago I found the obituary of his Sister, mentioned her brother Joe having died during the War. Did not name surviving rela
  10. http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/shusn-no/bb-no.htm (Cross-Posted with the above!) BB-28 or BB-29? Looks like the correct turret configuration. (edit, see post above mine) http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/h44000/h44729.jpg http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/h54000/h54666.jpg A nice shot of the US Florida: http://www.history.navy.mil/photos/images/h61000/h61257.jpg
  11. That is a real piece of history there! It looks great next to the portrait.
  12. If anyone can identify the model number or any identifying keywords for this circular Sliderule shown in that image: korea_5a Part of the Korean War diorama at the Marine Corp Museum at Quantico. korea_1a I would appreciate it. These pictures are from a couple of years ago, someone STOLE the sliderule from the Museum. I'm keeping an eye open for one, would like to have some search terms. If this was a Russian display, it'd be easy- they are all over Ebay. I hate to see him just twiddling his thumbs. Marine Museum I found a vintage circular slide rule
  13. http://mn.gov/commerce/licensees/bullion-coin-dealer-license/bullion-coin-dealer-instruction.jsp I had to look. If you sell bullion coins to someone that lives in Minnesota, apparently you need a license to comply with the law. I'm glad they do not have any laws about old camera lenses.
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