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  1. Wondering if anybody knows what era these dolphins were made. Vanguard NY hallmarked. Front
  2. Any idea what era these dolphins came from? Looks like a Vanguard hallmarked set in brass. Front:
  3. Picked this party suit up several years ago. It belonged to a USAF Major Navigator from the 360th TEWS. All patches are direct embroidered, with the exception of two patches (Vietnam Antique Airlines and Snoopy with the Avaitor Headgear). Suit was made by Royal Tailors NKP.
  4. Post-Tour MCPONs who take on a C/MC billet retain the three gold stars above the crow with a silver star specialty mark. This is in accordance with OPNAVINST 1306.2 (series). I agree with you that the two examples below are re-creations of the early badges or fantasy pieces.
  5. Okay, current-tour MCPONs wear the rate patches with three gold stars above the crow and one gold star in the center where the rating symbol normally goes. That's what you have in the first three examples in the top row. Post-tour MCPONs wear the rate patches with three gold stars above the crow and one gold rating symbol in the center. Post-tour MCPONs who serve a C/MC (Command Master Chief) billet following the MCPON tour have the rate patches with three gold stars above the crow and one silver star in the center where the rating symbol normally goes. When the first MCPON was assigned back in 1966 (Delbert Black), he added a third silver star above the crow. In 1971, MCPONs started wearing three gold stars above the crow. Your examples in the second row look like hybrids. The crows are present day design, which means the stars should be gold. They are not correct for MCPON, current-tour or post-tour. Hope this helps.
  6. Tonomachi, Thanks for the pics. You have a great collection of jump wings. Still would like to know who made the 678 wings...
  7. I have a question regarding USN/USMC parachutist wings. I noticed some wings have a "SER. 678" stamped on the back of the wing. Anyone here know anything about these wings with these hallmarks?
  8. The Master Chief may have been "gold"...read on: The Aviation Greens required the use of rating badges, which were indifferent to the sailor's unbroken good conduct status. The Navy Regs specified the rating badges on Aviation Greens to have a forrestry green background with blue chevrons, crow, stars, rating symbols, and service stripes. On service dress blues, the rating badge chevrons and service stripes would definitely be gold, provided the Master Chief went 12 years with unbroken good conduct. Otherwise, the chevrons and stripes would be scarlet. Regardless of unbroken good conduct status, the crow, stars and rating symbols would be silver. Hope this helps...
  9. The lister cancelled all bids and closed the auction...he might re-list the repro uniform without the MOH ribbon. The same person also has an active listing for a repro uniform of another MOH winner (MSG Benavidez), however this one is offered sans MOH ribbon.
  10. Well, there is someone with an active listing that has a repro Audie Murphy jacket with a MOH ribbon on eBay: Link to Auction
  11. US Army SOC Free Fall (HALO) jump wings (Silver version is Basic; Subdued version is Master). I think these jump wings are relatively new. Regards
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