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  1. I have an almost twin to the OP's bayonet. The 2 3/4", bottom stud, open socket is marked with "!P 14" with a 12 1/2" flat blade that is six sided, having a small guard like the OP's blade. Even the almost open weld seam shows on my socket. The inside of the socket is much larger than an 1795 Springfield musket barrel.
  2. My 2 groove Rem 03A3 shoots the same size groups as my 4 groove 03A3 .Smith Corona.
  3. Freedom


    Two weeks ago I saw an M3 at an estate auction. It had the proper early M8 scabbard but the leather handle was rotted to the point of crumbling into dust. I could not bring myself to bid on it. Seems like most M3's I locate were used hard, and beyond hard.
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