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  1. I have in my collection a US helmet front seam swivel bail that has the same type of chinstrap rivet as this helmet. It was sent by my aunt in New York 25 odd years ago and it had a liner that looked to be Korean war unissued.
  2. Thanks for the input guys.I veiwed the helmet last night and quite frankly the photograph of the liner (above) does show it in a much better light than it is. I would say it is in semi relic condition. Because it has been stored very badly for years. the shell seemed ok but the liner detracted from the appeal. I did make an offer but the owner was reluctant to accept it, I upped the offer with the same result. He did say he would think it over. I think he has been looking on E-Pay and expected much more. I did take along 2 of my best helmets to show him what an expensive one looks like. He said he would think about it and if he decided to sell it he would give me a ring. He is not a collector. I will of course not do anything to it apart from a little wipe over to remove the dust. I will keep you informed. Regards.
  3. Hi guys, I am King 802's father and I am going to see this helmet this evening with a view to purchasing it for my collection. I understand that both the helmets ( a British one as well) came from a house clearance and that they spent years in an outside shed. Unfortunatley something attached itself to the inside of the back of the liner (possibly a wasp nest) and the suspension strap has rotted at the rivet. The headband has the buckle at the front and has been pulled tight with the excess being cut off. If I purchase this helmet should I just clean it up or should I replace the headband? Please let me have your opinions on this. I will let you know if I purchase it.
  4. My E-Bay name is Elsieking (the wife) a bit girly I know. I buy more than I sell. Thats why I am running out of room. If I sell my collection I will offer it on this site first.
  5. :thumbdown: I own the litter being talked about here and there is no way Rich is getting his hands on it unless they are chopped off and placed on the litter.
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