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  1. Brand new camo cover from WWII impressions. Complete weathering. And before and after.
  2. My WWII camera gear...so far. Speed Graphic, Bell and Howell 70 16mm, GE light meter, Kodak 35 ided to a sgt in artillery Europe and last a Cine Kodak Magazine 16mm NAVY marked.
  3. This topic would make a great book. This is the real deal, look for this, this, this. Fakes on the other hand look for this, this, this.
  4. I'm pretty sure this is real but what year is it. You can clearly see USMC on the front. Those are the only marking I can see. Thanks for the help! Lee
  5. so, here is what I did with my footlocker. The locker was solid, all metal parts were perfect but the plywood paint was oxidized and chalke, worn edges of the plywood, in general wood was suffering from being old. So what I did is give it a good coat of Varathane polyurethane MATTE finish to all exposed wood on the outside. It seals up the original paint and keeps the wood from splintering. Last thing I want is for some kid picking up a splinter from my locker. The MATTE finish looks much like the original. For me, this works.
  6. Speed sn 291441 paid $91 and the Navy 16 I have, picked up on eBay $18. The seller did not know what he had and did and listed as not working. But you wouldn't be working so well if you sat around for 20-30 years. Just stiffness and now it is fully operational.
  7. I have a 1941 dated speed graphic. Two Kodak cine magazine 16. One is a "U.S. NAVY" model. Also have a Kodak 35 used by a soldier in Europe. I pretty much have the camera end covered. As far as uniform goes....just like any other marine. Armed with anything from nothing to a bazooka. But also carrying a bunch of film and cameras.
  8. In the 18th century a haversack was slung over the shoulder, carrying personal affects along with your daily rations. WWII " haversacks" carrying the sane basic contents.that may be that's why they named it in the order they did.
  9. Thanks guys for all the advice. I would think if I did Army camera my family would disown me I have landed on USMC sort of in the image of Ollie Newcomb who Was the still photographer with Norm Hatch. I am also putting together a Guadalcanal kit (for USMC) which is escencely Army so the cross over can be done. Also, from everything I have read early on ite Marines had ton of Army gear. When, after Guadalcanal, the 1st returned to Australia the only uniforms to be found were Army. Thus the early 1st and 2nd Marines patch to wear on the Army uniforms to show they were MARINES.
  10. While on the suject of knapsacks. I just aquired my first 42 knapsack. I have read some would use their extra belt as a sling fitted on the top of the bag and used as a kind of musnett bag. But the original strap and buckle are 1 1/2 inch the belts are 1 1/4 an the buckles do not work. Would one just shave down the brass tip and make it work? Thanks! Lee
  11. I have always been told when you flick the blade with your finger the sound should be "thud". Modern re pros will ping or ring.
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