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  1. WOW!! Just now reading this thread ..... OUTSTANDING Collection!! Thanks so very for preserving this history!!!
  2. I am a litte lost on what you are asking?? Are you saying that UC produced bayos in 1942 and dated them 1943? How could one tell if it was produced in 1942 without it having the date of 1942 on it?? Help me understand what exactly you are asking.
  3. captain-03


    Very Very Nice!! Need to find me one of these!!
  4. Thanks guys/gals for the kind words! Got a FEW of the other makers ... will dig them out a try to post some more pictures in another thread.
  5. Never have thought it was gold ... Like I said above, they look too good to have been plated that long ago.
  6. They are plated ... I was told that they were a presentation set for a WWII COL on retirement ... can't verify .... they really look a biot TOO good to have been plated that far back ... ??
  7. For many years I could not afford to purchase an M1 Garand. Started "accumulating" some bayos instead .... Now I am trying to buy a Garand for each bayi!! LOL Some of the WTs .... Two 16" -- one chrome ...
  8. That is a real nice one ... got a 1902 made Krag and would love to have one that nice!!
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