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  1. Pulled this from Pintrest. It looks to be only on the collar
  2. The SSI in the upper left corner is for West Virginia National Guard
  3. Here is a photo from the District of Columbia Defense Force's Facebook Page
  4. I believe that it has to do with the District of Columbia
  5. I believe that the roman numerals spell out 41 (not 61)
  6. If anyone is interested in getting the book, go to the University of Oklahoma Press (oupress.com) and get the book for only $12.99 (80% off). The sale is good until Jan 01, 2017
  7. Starting with the April-June 1984 issue of the Trading Post, they printed segments of the catalog as a part of the magazine. I have seen segments into 1990.
  8. Found my patch in the mail today after work. It will make a great addition to the collection. Thanks again!
  9. The Civil Air Patrol use the OD on red durng WWII
  10. Thank you all for the information.
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