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  1. I find service coats of this era fascinating as well and have always wondered what the earliest date of issue for the American defense ribbon was. Did it start life as a ribbon only and evolve into a medal like the Army Commendation ribbon?
  2. I'd be inclined to guess it's some kind of a personal design that got painted over in a crack down. I've been told personalizing flight helmets in the post-Vietnam army has been a no-no right up to now. Almost looks like a comical moose's head in the center.
  3. You're welcome - you did a magnificent job cleaning it up! Where / how did you find it?
  4. This was likely a PX item at Jefferson Barracks during WW2 but MIGHT have been a War Bond give-away too. Buy a bond - get a pen. You can find a lot on Jefferson if you do a google search. I believe it was an Army induction center for draftees during WW2 but it was also an Army Air Force Technical training center. Neat piece!
  5. This is the regimental insignia (Distinctive / crest) for the 109th Cavalry regiment, It was also used by the 181st Armored Field artillery battalion.
  6. Dominican Republic - I've already conveyed this to the Ebay seller and he stopped the auction
  7. You're welcome sir! Surprised we don't have any input from the Airborne pros!
  8. European country - possibly Italian?
  9. The Black panther is the 541st Airborne infantry regiment. Looks WW2 era but the in crowd will have to confirm if it was of a style and construction that was actually worn by the unit. I'm guessing this is a made for collectors example but not my expertise.
  10. Thank you Gentleman! We may never know the whole story.
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