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  1. I don't think it is a repro, it's possible I guess that someone could have made reproduction clocks at some point tho, based on the timeframes of the areas other ones were found, including the one I found, they would seem to date from the 1850s to 1890s.
  2. Back in the mid ninetys, one of these appeared in the "Ask Mark Parker" section of Western and Eastern Treasures, a magazine devoted to metal detecting and relic hunting. Mark had a column where readers could send in pics of items for identification. There was no definitive ID made, but there were a lot of speculation of what it actually was. I had a vested interest in this as I had dug the same item from a homestead in Georgia. A few years later another one appeared in the ID section of North South Traders Civil War magazine March-April 1997 edition. It was eventually identified to be a pendu
  3. Yes these were local finds. Hoping the soldier is with a Georgia unit as most of my collection is Atlanta Campaign items.
  4. Had a some extra time and stopped by a little antique store today to see if I could find any thing good. I like to hit these when I can and can usually come up with something. Usually more modern stuff with an occasional WWII item showing up sometimes. The bulk of my collection is Civil War relics and beyond the occasional beat up Minnieball, the pickings are pretty slim. Today my persistence payed off while digging thru a box of pins and misc insignia. Found this type 1 UCV Southern Cross of Honor. It's a Crankshaw pin back and in really nice condition. It is ingraved with the soliders name,
  5. Wooden nickels, basically just advertising hand outs, or in this case event souvenirs. I got some from all kinds of places, but I have to say yours are much cooler!
  6. I dug this Union patriotic button from the battle of Ezra Church, (July 28, 1864) button was recovered from the Union Trench lines, and was found with the musket lockplate and part of the hammer mechanism, along with two dropped 58's. Recovered with permission in 2004. It is a two piece button with tin back, Alberts PC 285 A. Flag with "UNION" above, 13 stars below.
  7. Found a pic of some rosette varieties in the Francis Lord Civil War Collectors Encyclopedia. The description is as follows: Calvary bridle rosettes, stamped brass faces with raised "U.S." Solder-filled backs with wire loops embedded. 1 1/4 inch in diameter and 3/16 inch thick. Found in LaGrange TN. Looks a pretty close match to me. Sorry for the bad pic. It's not a scan, as I am doing this from a tablet. D.
  8. Yes I was thinking of the bit boss devices. I will look through some research books I have to see if I can find anything about bridal rosettes. D.
  9. Here are some WWI era rosettes I have dug. I would say yours is earlier than that. It doesn't look like CW rosettes I have seen, I think it may date from around the Indian War period or just after.
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