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  1. thank you for these pics,it seems too difficult to find the 'A'...
  2. in the "MC uniforms illustration 1983" then you could see the cuffs of all-grades on the evening dress
  3. Well,it seems too difficult to find it....
  4. Gen.Pace dress in B....I already have this pic....thank you...
  5. I found another pic of same Marine in this event You could see the cummerbund on his waist,so he dress in B not A....But anyway,thank you,my friend!
  6. Well,I know the second officer from right dress in Evening Dress "A"... Help...
  7. I just only see it from the "1983 usmc uniforms illustration" but never see the real marines dress in it So anyone kind to show me?
  8. michss

    Who can help me...

    Excellent! really anxious for your pics!
  9. michss

    Who can help me...

    so, the word "duty" including musical performance? hope more answer integrated
  10. michss

    Who can help me...

    but,used by Band as well? these are members of MCRD San Diego Band
  11. I saw some Marines as below are they in MP uniforms? if not,what they are? and, anyone could show me the Marines MP in Dress/Service?
  12. I'm still confusing...I think it's not Marines but Navy.if not,I think this should be used on the past officer All-white Dress Uniform. So,would you mind to show any photos of real USMC officer wearing this kind of sling???
  13. Marines??? is that true???this belt for enlisted or officer???
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