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  1. Does anyone know why the star is on this jacket?
  2. Yeah I just got them but I think I'm only keeping the pants.
  3. thanks, i appreciate the insight. I just noticed the button colors are different between the shirt and pants. And the stamp on the pants as US-Medium. Is that typical that the size is spelled out(US-M vs US-Medium)?
  4. thanks! Do you have any idea of approximate year or the pattern name? I was thinking "lightweight" pattern, but i don't know anything really
  5. Can someone tell me if this set appears original, and if so, what pattern is it? thanks!!!!
  6. I finished my Hendrix project. to the best of my knowledge, his OG 107 would have looked like this prior to being demoted and discharged. Excited to wear it!
  7. I've noticed that the jump patch is beige on what seems to be a disproportionate # of OG 107s. Does anyone know why most other jump patches on airborne 107s were green, but the 82nd were frequently beige?
  8. by the end of his service, assuming he was awarded the 101st airborne patch, would it have replaced the 6th army, or been placed on right arm?
  9. I've seen a 1961 photo of him with a 6th army patch. I'm a bit of a novice with understanding military infantry/divisions, etc. If in the 101st airborne division, would he have that patch in place of 6th army? He was also an private(e-4) and was demoted prior to discharge. perhaps someone can figure it out by looking at the photos...
  10. Well, after work yesterday, I had some time to kill, and decided to invite myself over to Al Mampre's house in Skokie. About 5-10 minutes from where I work and grew up. Who is he you might ask? I'm sure most of know.... Rather than kick me to the curb, he graciously invited me in and we spoke for a couple hours. I was surprised to find out that he was Armenian, and that both his parents were from Baghdad. The card is of Al treating a wounded Lt that had been shot in the neck by a German sniper. The Lt died, and Al was shot in the leg by the same sniper as he was tending to the dying Lt. The
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