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  1. AEF1917, Great investigative work. So, from my notes, A - is now confirmed Crosby, B - Worchester, C - Edward Budd, and J - Columbian. As for the rest of the letters, they are just my guesses so I won't include them here. As for my prior statement, the first letter code being assigned to the metal compositions is more of a conjecture than anything. Could be right or wrong, but it is a possibility that I wanted to through out there. Eric
  2. Tell me more!! I've been smashing my head against a wall trying to figure this out for a while.
  3. So, I've been trying to figure out the lot stampings as well. I have come across some stampings that do not fit into the standard "ZC123" codes like your "WA" stamping. One helmet in my collection is marked "NC CO" with the "C" surrounding the "CO". The liner on that helmet is dated "1917" which leaves me to believe that the helmets that do not conform to the standard markings are earlier productions. As for the first letters of lot numbers, I agree that they have to do with the metal, but I also think that they could do with the metal composition. Going back to the "WA," I must have seen the
  4. Well thankfully Ebay has a good return policy. He hasn't responded to me and I doubt he will. It's hard to believe that people can be so deceiving.
  5. So I bought one of his uniforms. I am mainly a WWI US collector, but I have been branching back to WWII. I received this one yesterday, and of course I looked it over. First thing I noticed was the service stripe is sewn through the back of the sleeve so my arm wouldn't fit through it. The same thing with the combat leader stripe on the other arm but my arm could fit through that no issue. So, here's my dilemma, the uniform is named and the name looks good and everything, but there are two different possibilities here... one, the uniform was tailored and Sgt Toll never wore it after that or it
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