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  1. if the CO2 is depleted no problem...and most likely not a problem if filled...having said that the vast majority of sealed CO2 cartridges that I have handled...period cartridges, have bled out over time ...even though sealed I have shipped them in the past with no problems
  2. The a4 ...yellow group is a late war...late 44 harness...the a3 or an6513 would be good for earlier displays
  3. Thanks Phil !! There were different QAC harness' in WWII .....the red group refers to the quick attach harness (QAC) parachute the crews used...some crewmen in the multi engine aircraft used a harness that the parachute attached to. There were two different styles of attaching the pack to the harness...one style harness had D rings on the harness, and hooks on the parachute pack (red group), and the other style had the D rings on the parachute pack, with the hooks on the harness, (yellow group)...the color coding was to make sure you grabbed the correct pack that went with your harness... here are some examples from the 303rd BG page You're gonna need one for Uncle http://www.303rdbg.com/uniforms-gear7.html
  4. I forget which of the planes at the AMC museum has it...but one has a crew chief box still in it, and loaded...I think it is the C133...but it is cool that they thought of the crew chief...the C47 on display has a replica of Bing Wood's crew chief box...I made sure of that....
  5. having the inventory list still attached is cool... there is a tool section on the G.503 forum...they might have some info for ya...there are several threads on carpenter tool boxes...enjoy the hunt filling the box... https://forums.g503.com/viewforum.php?f=48&sid=d7d8a7962560ea21358e42519357a6b6
  6. The weapona select panel and the engine fire panel are way cool...the parts are out there...will be a great hunt.....wish I saved the seat for ya..would have been great to mate them
  7. Stenciling cleaned up easy...working on glueing the loose corners and lid..
  8. original bungee cords with cotters pins securing the flaps until a t handle is found... thanks for looking Happy 4th
  9. Finally!!! a red group pack 44 dated canopy, 24 ft, with the container found bundled up, half packed, cords have been cut about a foot from the canopy, however the canopy is in good shape aside from the cut cords... container is faded and worn in spots but clean enough to display.. in the middle of "repacking" using cotter pins instead of the t handle...in search of...
  10. JHMCS helmets were once unheard of on the open market..now a few pop on occaison...in different forums/ facebook sites..... Hold onto it...just the shell will be a collectors jem
  11. this found it's way up from Florida....FIL found it at a swap meet .. it looks to be a crate turned locker, there are marks in the wood were straps/bands wore into the wood...marker is covering the 159th stencil....top side has a mailing address....has hand holds on the side for lifting Pretty cool old trunk....what do you all think...a crate of sorts turned foot locker..
  12. The yellow USN under the collar will help date it....IIRC the yellow is post war..and white/silver(?)...is WWII .....the Navy guys will be along soon ...either way great jacket
  13. I thought it was for a cigar..
  14. My first thought is part of a gunsight or HUD edit...part of MK 18 gunsight https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/ref/AirGunnery/MARK18GS.html
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