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  1. Hello, I Need your help on this ink stamp that I found inside a M37 shirt, I would like to know if some of you knows this type of marking ?
  2. Hello everyone, I would like to know about the authenticity of this insignia, what do you think about it ? Best regards
  3. Okay ! this is a pretty cool grouping so thank's for your help I learn many interesting things about this group ! To be honest this is not my collection theme so I prefer to sell/trade it with someone else.... someone who will appreciate it more than me, have you an idea of value of this group ? (may I present this group in the "what is worth" section ?) Thank's again for your help !
  4. Thank's for the explanation Gil ! But I assume that this set could be done after the VN war in PI or this a clearly era made ?
  5. Hello Gil, thank's for your help ! Allright this is what I think... never seen an exemple of US advisor wearing VNMC shoulder strap ! What's your mind about the tiger stripe set please ? Can you explain me what means "PI made" ? Thank's by advance Clement
  6. Hi guys, thank's for your help ! So can I clearly conclude this is copy/original ? excuse me if this question look like stupid but this is really not my knowledge area Have you ever seen exemple of us advisor wearing south VN shoulder strap ? Thank's again
  7. Hi everyone, I just come back from my trip in USA, and bring back to home this little grouping of USMC insignia ! Don't have a great knowledge about this theme so I need your help This grouping was found with two pair of South vietnam officier shoulder strap, also maybe an advisor !?! This group stay in the front of a shop in Ocean Side during long long time ago so the color are a little bit passed. Thank's by advance for your help ! Clement
  8. Hi, rd12 i'm sorry but i think that your CCU is not good, in an other forum a member denounce the fake about this jacket: http://oefoif.forumotion.net/t5371-enhanced-ccu-jackets-2nd-id-and-25th-id
  9. Hi, thanks for the information, i've found a link and maybe it can be interesting https://www.dvidshub.net/image/232111/591st-sappers-transfer-authority-combat-engineer-fight-mosul#.VipLAn7hCUk
  10. Hi, one of my little collection This one is probably the DCU of the Captain Mitchell, commanding officier of the 111st engineer battalion but if you have any other information it will be with pleasure
  11. Hello, thank's for your reply. But i need some help to find this officier named Oscar E. York, second lieutnant during WW2 and his father, Captain Edward York. If some one can help me to find this officier this would be really cool
  12. I like this one not for what it is but for what it represent, it's a beat of the original deck of the USS IOWA, and i could speak with a former sailor from the ship and that was a great meeting. So if members are from this ship I say a great congratulation and thank's to the work on this ship.
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