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  1. Cool that's interesting , thank you Steve
  2. Hi all Picked this up recently , I have not seen a repro printed version,but others may have !! .. dimensions of the eagle seem correct , not the usual milk bottle shape. Patch does not glow. Seller said he thought it was a film prop ?...but just to be sure , as nothing surprises me in the field of collecting...I thought it worth putting a thread on here to discuss in case anyone has seen similiar... Opinions would be appreciated . Thanks steve
  3. Thanks Ed, well we live and learn , thanks for the info buddy !! All the best steve
  4. Hi Can anyone kindly advise if this is period or is it a fake ?? Thanks Steve
  5. A wonderful find Mel, and very well researched buddy !!
  6. Hi Can anyone kindly help me to positively identify these full size wings ? Has backing plate already removed by me ,to reveal how the securing tabs were fixed,reminds me of British Officers tabbed badges. Thanks steve
  7. Many thanks Leigh, for your information and kind effort. Very helpful indeed. Kind wishes Steve
  8. Hi , I acquired this grouping and wondered if anyone could kindly enlighten me on what the DUI badges are , and if these relate to the presidential bar which were with the group. Many thanks for your kind assistance Steve
  9. The firm Fattorini & Sons were part of a family of badge and medal makers , there were two firms in the same family both situated in Bradford , the other was Thomas Fattorini , later the companies merged . Both companies produced medal and badges by private order during WW 1 , I know of three RFC bronze wings produced by Thomas Fattorini and marked as such ....these are rare . This though is the first ever aviators wing I have ever seen made by the other company of the family.
  10. A recent addition to my collection, a rather rare US Navy 1917 Pilots badge by the UK maker Fattorini and Sons Bradford . Wing is full size 2 3/4" Hope you like Steve
  11. Just been identified on another forum Central Intelligence Agency. Issued and numbered to Armed CIA bodyguards while on duty in the UK. Regan era.
  12. When I was thirteen my Grandpop came over from the US to visit and stay with us in the UK. I gave up my bedroom . In a display cabinet was A German Para camo luftwaffe smock eagle , luftwaffe I'd badge and lucky charm , Techo buckle, kriegsmarine and SS eagles , iron cross etc etc basically my small collection of original items that I had been gifted by relatives during my short time on this Earth. My Grandfather of Jewish decent unknown to me despised anything German. He removed by whole collection and chucked it in the trash....when I found out the day after the rash had been collected....
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