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  1. G'day, lads. Been looking through photos of the Marines during the Korean War and seem a bit stumped by their equipment. The USMC is my main focus of study/collecting, but I can't seem to figure out what these men are wearing on their backs in this photo from the Chosin Reservoir. It looks like a lot of different gear thrown together and what looks to be a shelter half appears very fat, maybe stuffed with other gear. Just wondering if anyone would be able to inform me of the different items they would carry and what a typical set up may be. Thank you!
  2. Again, thank you for sharing. I'm always searching for photos of the women's branches of service.
  3. Nice! Digging through a box of OG-107's, I thought I found a Nurse's shirt, but it ended up just being a USAF shirt.
  4. Such a wonderful collection! The female uniforms of WWII are some of my favourite. I believe I have seen photos of you collection elsewhere. Flickr, perhaps?
  5. Fantastic! Love the relations between the uniforms.
  6. Awesome piece! Cross stitching always gets me.
  7. Gorgeous tunic! Love the history behind it. Was it common to see division insignia on Marine greens as early as 1940 or would that have been added later?
  8. Thanks, Maddox! Being a Canadian, it's harder to get my hands on USMC uniforms, so the information is appreciated!
  9. Ah, thank you, sir! I'm looking to collect the standard uniform rather than FROG. Now I won't be sinking my money into the wrong uniforms. Cheers!
  10. Hello, Have recently been looking to collecting some USMC MARPAT uniforms. Just one question that I can't seem to answer. Are all MARPAT trousers "FROG"? Wasn't sure if these trousers are worn with both the FROG shirt and the MARPAT blouse, or just the FROG shirt. Hope my question makes sense. Thank you!
  11. Good day, Just wondering if anyone had information/photos (whether historical or of their collection) to share involving the modifications of the M41 jacket. I know it was a widely produced jacket which must have seen tailoring/field modifications throughout it's use. One of the main reasons I ask is that I have an ATF repro M41 jacket that is way too long on me. Would like to get it altered but still have it historically accurate. Cheers!
  12. I'm no expert and have no helpful information to share, but I have to compliment this lot of patches. They are awesome! A lot of very unique patches mixed in.
  13. Absolutely beautiful! I love when there are photos and other period documents to go along with a uniform. Really completes it. Thank you for sharing.
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