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  1. For some reason i am also partial to demo gear and anything that goes boom! You have nice pile of goodies!
  2. I agree I think I will pick it up, it would be a great addition to my collection! Thanks for your opinion!?
  3. This is not my picture but it is identical to this one ,except the blue nose cone has a dent in it.
  4. I found an original m47 wire guided missile (projectile) for sale for $150 is that a good price? If so what do you guys think it's worth?
  5. Nice I have some of hose as well but none with the container! Great piece!
  6. Thanks guys i have been wondering that for a while. And I wish that they would run as smooth as this forum also. Thanks for the info!
  7. Have you taken a look inside at the bottom? Maybe that would give you a clue if it was filled with weld or not.
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