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  1. Hello to you all, Could tank crew in Germany in the 1970's be issued od jungle fatigues ? I am currently working on a M551 Sheridan plastic model 1:35 scale in MASSTER camouflage of the 11th Cavalry in Germany. I have some figurines with jungle fatigues I want to use as crew hence my question. Thanks in advance. Johan.
  2. Does somebody know if the green jungle fatigues were also worn by tank crew in West Germany in the seventies ?
  3. Thank you very much Hg for this interesting additional information,
  4. thank you all Gents for your help. Cheers, Johan
  5. Hello to you all. I bought a serie of common subdued arm patches of the Cold War period. It contains a 1st Ranger bn tab, made of a different way then the other patches. Is it a fake ? cordially, Johan
  6. Thank you all for comfirming what I already feared. Luckily I spent only 2 Euro for them.
  7. Hello to you all, I am relatively new in collecting US ARMY Cold War militaria. Today I bought several subdued arm patches from a dealer at a militaria fair. He also sold me these dog tags very cheap. My question: is this a genuine one and if so, from the seventies/ eighties ? It reads: Hughes Wyatt A, RT.2 box 261 Conway S.C. Can someone explain RT.2 box 261 ? S.C. must certainly mean South Carolina. Thank you in advance, Johan
  8. Thanks for the answers, my primary doubt is, why should there be subdued MP armbands, MP armbands are made to stand out I think ? Furthermore it is very crudely made
  9. Hello to you all. I can buy this armband of the MP of the 11th Armored Cavalry rgt. What do you think ? Real ? And cold war era ? before 1990 ? Many thanks Cheers, Johan
  10. Thank you vBaron for the reply and tips. Were these boots also used by the USMC in the 70's or even 80's ?
  11. Hello, At my local Dump store I saw a BDU of the eighties with a U.S. Contractor tag instead of U.S.Army. Was this for civilian personnel ? Thank you Johan
  12. Hello to you all. I am not entirely familiar with leather standard US ARMY/ USMC boots as worn in the seventies and eighties. Were these kind of boots from Genesco issued in that period ? Many thanks, Johan See pictures:
  13. Thank you, I also had my doubts, I will leave it were it is.
  14. Hello to you all. I bought this ovals in the eighties, can anyone id them to what division and regiment and era they belong ? Many thanks Johan
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