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  1. StM 1c JACKSON, Willie J. 940 28 64 was on board the USS LCS (L) (3) -7 when it was hit by shore fire and suicide boats off of Corregidor on 16 Feb 1945. StM 1c Jackson is Missing in Action. His date of death is a year and a day from that date.
  2. A part of the former POW camp at Cabanatuan is dedicated to the American and Filipino soldiers who participated in "The Great Raid" POW rescue mission.
  3. When the British took Manila in 1762, the first fort they captured was Fort San Antonio de Abad on the outskirts of Manila. When the United States military landed in Manila in 1898 that was also the first fort that was captured. Today it is one of the nicest spots in Manila, but remains little known to the public and is actually hidden from public view by surrounding buildings.
  4. Northern Philippines. Basilan Island, Philippines. Iran. Nicaragua. North Korea. US training areas in the States.
  5. This memorial has been there for years. First picture is 1986, then 2000, and how it looks today. It marks where the first Kamikaze flights took off from.
  6. The building in the background is still there.
  7. I love maps. Not sure if there is a term for that or not. But a friend gave me some Air Force evasion charts that are super. Water proof, tear proof, and very cool to show off. Along with a couple of other survival/evasion items.
  8. Some of the dogs buried there were used in the Vietnam War. The others go up the the late 1980's.
  9. There was a P-38 there, nothing was known about it other than if you bought the guy running the museum a 6-pack of beer he'd let you take a piece of it.
  10. Some of my personal items that I've collected. Two items off of the wreckage of "Chow Hound" A .50 cal round off of a B-24 shot down over Hanover, Germany next to a piece of instrument panel off of a P-47 shot down over Hungary, part of a B-25 that crashed in Papua New Guinea.
  11. Our Angeles City Boy Scouts of America troop took up the restoration of this cemetery as an Eagle Scout project last year (2015).
  12. "Torrid Tessie the Terror" a B-25 that disappeared on 22 May 1944 with 10 men on-board.
  13. If you get to Port Moresby, there is a WWII museum there that has some great items. However the place is run down and gets almost no visitors.
  14. Some of the items I picked up when a Civil Defense hospital closed in Diamond Head, Hawaii and the Col. in charge just wanted to get rid of everything. Some of the field dressings are marked 1943.
  15. If you get a chance to visit Bataan, there is a new WWII museum in the town of Balanga.
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