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  1. Ok guys... I picked this up cheap. I didn't pick it up thinking it was authentic, but I just don't know. I just thought it was cool. It is real leather, and made very "utilitarian", and quickly, mass produced like some Military clothing items are. No tags in it except one small white one that just has "XL". Obviously it doesn't have any speaker pockets. Did all aviation caps have the ear phone speaker pockets? Anybody know exactly what this is?
  2. Lee, correct me if I am wrong, I could be. I was enlisted, so I could be wrong about the decoration on the cap. But I had always thought that indicated that he was in "command" of a unit (Commander), not associated with his rank of Col. and (what we called at the time, "Col Light" (Lt. Col.)(they didn't like that.. lol)
  3. The pouches on the butt stock of the carbines were used there commonly, however I had read that those mag pouches were not designed for that. They were to go on a belt, but many GIs stuck them on the butt stock like that for ease of accessibility.
  4. I would say 60's through the cold war era. These are the hats we had during my Air Force service. The embroidered brim would have indicated that he was a "Commander" of a squadron or unit.
  5. Yep.. I actually love both the carbine and the Garand. I have a couple of both. The Carbine is just fun to shoot. I take mine out to the range every so often for the exercise of it and to keep it going. Every time I take it out, someone wants to shoot it too.. lol.. They are fun for that, but they do also have practical uses. They are small and light and actually make a good home defense rifle. There certainly to be better modern choices, but the M1 is easy to fire in confined areas. My Dad and my Father in law both kept them in their trucks as a truck gun, and/or ranch/coyote gun. Was great
  6. I have heard that also concerning the power of the carbine. I think some of that early complaint is echoed today, but for what the rifle was designed for, they did the job. They were never intended to be a long range knock down weapon. I seen a youtube video awhile back disputing that power myth (I'll call it a myth, if it is,or aint, Im on the fence actually), and the Gel test results showed that the M1 Carbine round had similar ballistics as a .357 Mag round. Sure, not a high powered rifle round, but I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of one. And for at least something for the corpsm
  7. From what I had read, and I am in no way an expert voice on it. But the M1 Carbine was designed and built mainly for non-combatants. The Garand being the "Battle Rifle". I also read that non combatants were offered their choice of the M1911, or the M1 Carbine. That is not to say that some combatants didn't carry a carbine due to it being much less weight to tote around. Im sure they were because as mentioned above there are many pictures of Marines, and other infantry carrying the M1 Carbine.
  8. Do keep that barrel band (non-bayo lug) if it is an authentic early one. The M1 carbine originally did not sport a bayo lug, because it was not intended to be a "combat" weapon. It was designed as a smaller, lighter weapon for non-combatants in lue of lugging around the heavy M1 Garand Battle rifle. It was only shortly after they started putting bayo lugs on the band. Most of the early ones got that later bayonet lugged band when they went through arsenals, so if that is authentic to the rifle, do keep that. I wouldn't consider yours a "Sporter".It doesn't look cut up at all. Only the paint on
  9. I agree. Keep it as it came out of service. Putting it back in a "forced" configuration, may or may not be accurate anyway. As said, many of these came from the manufacture with mixed parts anyway. ALL the manufactures at that time were not competing as they all had their contracts to fullfill. All the different manufactures supported each other. I.E. if Winchester was low on trigger housings, Inland or any of the other manufactures would supply them so that they could get their guns to service, and visa versa, and they left any particular manufacture with their own parts, or other manufacture
  10. The receiver is Winchester. The "Winchester Trademark" stampings can not be seen due to being under the rear sight, but I removed the rear sight to reveal the Winchester stamping. The only M1 Carbines that Winchester made that was under 1,000,000 serial number was the original #6-10 that they sent it for testing. I'm pretty sure it is just missing the 1st digit due to a very light strike.
  11. I agree that odds are it is not a 6 digit #. I think maybe a "1" in that first position, but it is not clear at all. I can't remember, I'd have to look up the "4" possibility. With the lining up of the number, there is a space there for a 1st digit, just not clear, or a VERY light strike of something. Winchester did have serials 6-10, but those were sent for testing, and I would assume worth a buttload, but other than that, their serials started at 1M which would not have any 6 digit serials.
  12. I have a question on one of my recent acquisitions. I just picked up a few weeks ago, another Winchester M1 Carbine. I think it is an early one, but unsure. The serial # is weird, and I think is missing the first digit in the serial. As I read, Winchester serial numbers started in the 7 digits, but this Winchester is only a 6 digit serial #. Most all the stampings are light strikes, as is the "Winchester Trademark", but it is there and can be identified as Winchester. The name is under the rear sight as many are (I removed the rear sight to confirm). On the serial #, it looks like and aligned
  13. Those, and the Garand have always been y favorite rifles. I have 2 Winchester Carbines, and a Winchester and a Springfield Garand. The carbines are so fun to shoot.
  14. This Bomb casing is now in the For Sale area for anyone interested in it. I wish I could get it myself, but being in the middle of trying to sell my house for a major relocation, I cant deal with one this big and heavy. But, it is for sale in the FS area, with some better pictures of it.
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