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    WWI Kansas Units, Manuscripts, Research Material, Photographs, Documents, Maps, Rare Books, Medals, Insignia and Patches.

    Especially Seeking: Letter Groups, Diaries, Sketchbooks, Ledgers, etc with detailed, historically significant content.

    Photography: Early, Western, Full Albums and Archives.

    Broadsides, Pamphlets and Imprints.

    Concerning all eras of US Military History, Pioneers, Western Cavalry, Explorers and Expeditions, Native Americans, Westward Expansion, Cattle, Oil, Rodeo, Profiteers, Ethnic Minorities in US History, Counter-Culture Movements, Radicals, Politics, and Cartography.

    Complete Collections Purchased.
  1. Hello, this came out of an estate recently. Nicely stitched and constructed, 1st Marine Division, w/ Guadalcanal Lettering. The former owner's heirs claimed that this was somehow incorporated with a regiment's colors. Possibly displayed alongside. I have never seen any of this dimension, I suppose it could be a jacket patch as well. Is anyone familiar with this size or construction of patch? If it were incorporated with Regimental colors I'm not sure how. Thanks for the input!
  2. I can't say that I am at all familiar with this type of spurs. These come from a long time local collection and I have no idea whether they are original CW Cavalry issue, later "Indian Wars" era issue or are a modern reproduction. Does anyone know the features to look for when identifying these?
  3. Excellent work, actually looks worthy of going to war with rather than that flimsy replica appearance we all know.
  4. Well if I sell them for $10 then I have to tell whatever local picker that ends up with them that they are no good three weeks later. Doesn't really help to pitch them either because my local urban outdoorsmen drag things out of the dumpster, around the front of the building and back in the antique store on a regular basis.
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