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  1. This is awesome! Wish i had the money to do this.
  2. Neat pistol but man someone took a big gamble to bring that back.
  3. Wow nice job for $5 I wish I could find army tents for that price!
  4. Some cool finds nice job! -raylemere
  5. That's a nice find you have. Wish I had it . -raylemere
  6. Nice jacket you have there! I would be careful with the patches if you get it cleaned you won't want them ruined! -raylemere
  7. Nice finds like the sf crest! -raylemere
  8. Great picture and story of the guy! nice find. -raylemere
  9. Nice finds love the WW1 Victory medal. -ray
  10. The top left is the 173rd airborne brigade combat team. -raylemere
  11. I am almost done remaking my grandfathers m51 field jacket but the last part is the rank the PFC patches. Would I use the normal single chevron or should I use the PFC with the arch under it? I looked on wiki and it said that the PFC with the arch was made after 1968 or so. So I am thinking the normal single chevron, I've looked in pictures of my Grandfather but there's no clear image of a the arms were the rank would be. He was in between 1961 and 1963.
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