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  1. Looks Sketchy, look at the fixed bail it appeard to have paint on the top side and rubbed off on the bottom. Also the green paint inside appears to be artifically thickened, maybe to cover it having been a swivel? Just dosen't look right for some reason. If you do don't go high and be happy with what you buy or it'll eat at you. Best Regards Jim
  2. 100s of uses, but I'd say the best and most use would be as edgeing and this would be handy to have on hand for anyone doing repairs or replicating old gear. Came in a variety of widths and patterns, just sold a batch of the newer nylon type. Good stuff. Best Regards Jim
  3. Could have gotten there many of different ways, maybe even laid in crotch of the limbs. 70 years worth of growth. Seen many a barbed wire fence passing through trees over the years so this is very possible, and most likely grenade went off while still within the log while it was still burning; however you would think that would make it more intense. Who knows, sure glad I wasn't there, but it'd be neat to watch on Youtube
  4. I agree on the compressed air and light bristled brush. I've made many a mistake and lost good stencil markings off canvas using the washing method. Air and brush are perfect. Make certain that you bleed your tank prior to ensure you don't get water or water/oil mixture from the hose. Jim
  5. Darn nice looking MB, but what's its name? Sure looks to be in nice shape, and you say she's never been restored. WOW, those don't come along to often least not in that shape. Traveler was a case when I started, but has a lot going fer em before I started. Matching engine, frame and tub. I did a complete tear down and overhall down to the last bolt. I mean the LAST bolt. Though there may be a bolt or two I forgot when putting em back together Kidding. Sure Like to see some more pictures, I'll do the same. Best Regard fellow Jeeper.
  6. OK, I think I got it figured out. If not someday. Best Regards Jim
  7. Hello, A little confused on this, first posting was for an MB turning 70 then story turned to a GPW turning 70. Where's the picture of the GPW? Traveler turned 70 this past February 1, 2014, Yup, took a seat in Traveler that day and wished em Happy B-Day. Always like to hear stories about other peoples Jeeps And if I can figure out how to upload a picture I'll post. Best Regards Jim
  8. Hello Fireguy, Do what makes you smile. Johan and GPW 42 are correct MB/GPWs were used as well as the M38 which began production in 1949. Either way the CJ2A or the M38 their pretty close and paint can be change relatively easy, well at least somewhat easy if you know how to paint and do body work. As for making your CJ2A ever a GPW, well its not going to happen. Ford vs Willys, but you can pretend. again do what makes you happy its your jeep, have fun with it. Best Regards Jim
  9. Nice Garand, $400, now there's a deal. Thought I got the best deal of November, I picked up a Garand for $168, but it was nowhere near as nice as this one, in fact the gunshop had a NM which was marked at $1600 w/o paperwork. Get the details from CMP then add it to the gun then your in the money. How does the barrel/chamber gauge? If she's a shooter your initial investment of $400 is an easy $1000, and if NM you'll be eating steak. Mine was a parter, this one is not that and if you do your only throwing steak away. Great find, excellent deal. Best Regards Jim
  10. Skyline, All I can say is WOW! and I thought my collection was too much Well not to much, but man OH man what a collection, what a collection indeed. Really like the M2. Now that we saw the firearms, what the heck is in the rest of your collection??? Do you have any vehicles? Great collection, Thank you for sharing. Best Regards Jim
  11. Really nice looking mock up and with original parts, Kerr sling should run you about $25. On the SBR topic, yeh its a bit of red tape to get the gun, but even more after you get it as you always have to have your paperwork with you and if traveling outside your state have to notify ATF of its transport. With the mock up, you can come and go as you please, just not to your bank Great addition to you WLA display. Best Regards Jim
  12. Hello Morlok, Thats a mighty nice 315th Infantry Regiment DUI pin there (blue with four green circles with Cross of Lorraine. My uncle served with them during WWII and If your looking to trade for something up your specific collecting alley, maybe there's somethig we could talk trade about. By the looks may be that they are pre WWII at least the one. Either way cool pins and great batch of items you got there. Best Regards Jim
  13. Hello, I know this may sound stupid and know that there are many reasons for it. But when do you allow new users to post more than 3 times and is that 3 times per day or until something that has to be reset by admin daily?? Reason I ask is that I finally got signed up yesterday, used two posts and cannot post anything further. Don't know where the 3 post came from or maybe I just can't count. Most likely a weekend issue? Anyway just asking for future reference. Thank you. Jim
  14. Hello Bob, New to the forum, but have seen your very nice original jungle boots while I was doing research awhile back. I suddenly came into two pairs now in my collection and will have to try to get some pictures of my pair uploaded in order for you to have a look/see. When I first got mine home from auction of WWII Veteran's estate I began doing some research I initally thought mine were a bit off, but being that they were unlaced with two pairs of laces attached found that to be correct and similar to WWII jungle tennis shoes I have; however the laces were black and have nice white
  15. Good Job Aussie Digger, RNC1924, Linedoggie and others who spotted this one right away. You never can tell when one of those old crusty ones will get you. I recall reading an article about a relic hunter who found a nice old Civil War era cannon ball or artillery round. Anyway he took it home to his shop proceed to clean it up and in the process did something and KABOOM. Lucky that he did not get killed, but the article did show the damages caused to his shop. He was lucky. Also its not just the dug ups that we need to be concerned about, but also those pieces that are marked Iner
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