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  1. I was just checking out the collection on ebay that rustbucket recently posted about. The collection is from Major J.B. Phipps who was with the 4th regiment in Baltimore. There are a few rosters in the collections as well as many photographs. I've emailed the seller to see if there's anything in there pertaining to my great-grandfather. Who knows, I might get lucky. Anyway, I noticed this medal in the collection. What is it? It's similar in shape to the one my great-gradfather is wearing and has a "4" on it. My GGF has a "4" on his hat badge . . . 4 Badge.tiff
  2. I have searched and searched and can't find him listed with any other company. Would you agree that it's a "4" and a "C" or "G"? This is definatley a uniform from the Spanish-American War era, right?
  3. This is a photograph of my Great Grandfather. I found online that he was with Company "L" of Baltimore. Mustered-in as sergeant; appointed first sergeant September 23d. It looks like he is wearing the Spanish Campaign Navy Special Meritorious Service Medal. Can anyone verify if that is what this medal is? Also, I'm confused by the fact that he was with company L, but hat badge looks to be a "C" or "G" with a 4 on top? TIA!
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