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  1. The stamp looks like a Vietnam to modern stamp kit that are widely available on the internet and different letter combinations can be made. Other coats of his have this and I suspect that he may be forging these coats with a modern stamp kit.
  2. Wow great set. It's miraculous he wasn't wounded .
  3. A simple ancestry search will provide that it does belong to 1stLt James A Brenden and JA BRENDEN is not as common as you would think. I thought it would have been obvious that someone had some fun with with insignia and ribbons (even the PH is ahead of the BSM) and was going to explain that above. Guess I should've.... I do appreciate the feedback and will be restoring the uniform accordingly to Brenden's awards. Jeremiah and Kevin I'll be sure to add updated photos.
  4. Recent grab that I thought some of you may like. Decided to keep the seller photos as they're good. This uniform belonged to 1st Lt James A Brenden who distinguished himself during WWII while serving with "B" Company 4th Tank Bn. While a platoon leader on Saipan. he supervised the unloading of a Sherman tank off of an LCM that was loaded incorrectly and had a danger of capsizing under mortar fire being wounded himself. For this action he was awarded the Silver Star and the Purple Heart. For the Iwo campaign, he was assigned XO of "B" Co, 4th Tank Bn. On an interesting note, Lt Brenden is briefly mentioned in the book. "The Fleet at Flood Tide: America at Total War in the Pacific, 1944-1945": "We got a hell of an education on Saipan," said George Charland, a BAR man with the 23rd Marines. "We made ample use of the flame-thrower as that was a weapon that put terror in them." It had been used on Tarawa before, but never on a larger battlefield where the terrain gave the enemy places to go. And so the fire breathers had to improve their mobility, too. Enter the Satan: Squirting thickened gasoline with pressurized carbon dioxide, it was experimental and unperfected. When the spark plugs got fouled, soldiers would ignite the spewing flame oil by the readiest means, including handheld cigarette lighters. Often, troops could only stare as the terrible vehicles went to work. "How many of their lives were saved by fire we'll never know," a Satan driver said. "The super hot flames reached sixty to eighty yards, deep within caves, and lapped over the top and sides of cliffs. If the flames didn't make contact, concealed troops were often asphyxiated. Captain Ed Bollard and Lieutenant Brenden just shook their heads in disbelief over how precious life could become so cheap in this enlightened age." Silver Star citation: The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to First Lieutenant James A. Brenden (MCSN: 0-15114), United States Marine Corps Reserve, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity as a Platoon leader, attached to Company B, Fourth Tank Battalion, FOURTH Marine Division, during operations against enemy Japanese forces on Saipan, Marianas Islands, on 15 June 1944. When his command tank was incorrectly loaded on board an LCM which then developed a dangerous list to port and was in danger of capsizing, First Lieutenant Brenden immediately called for volunteers to proceed to the ship's starboard side to assist him in balancing the craft and, although seriously wounded when a hostile artillery shell hit the lighter, contributed to the successful landing of this vital craft. By his outstanding initiative and courage, First Lieutenant Brenden upheld the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
  5. This one has slits as seen in the rethinking the norm thread.
  6. This is a 2nd Marine Division marking. You'll see them colored yellow for the 8th regiment and blue for the 6th.
  7. "Tarawa, G.I. - Both Southerners, both Marines, Lt. Cecil Brown (L), 27, of Tallassee, Alabama, and Lt. Roy H. Elrod, 24, of Muleshier, Texas, rest on a pier after successful assault against Japanese of Tarawa. Even while resting Lt. Brown keeps his rifle at the ready"
  8. I own the rest of the group and this was included. Most definitely Biscanin and not Tuohy.
  9. Nothing personally to show here, but would love to see examples of WWII USMC dog tags with the original cord be it hand tied lace or whatever is on them. Thanks for showing if you do.
  10. Wow. A local marine. That's a spectacular medal set.
  11. Wow! Untouched USMC helmets sure are scarce. Do you know what unit he was in?
  12. Outstanding collection Nick. Could you perhaps photo your Tinian WIA helmet? I've always wanted to see it.
  13. It is a Japanese jumper. After days of fighting in 100+ degree heat, their uniforms were worn out. These were handed out as they were clean.
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