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  1. Thank you. I couldn't find anything but the "Trains", and that without the star. Like I mentioned, it did come with a ROTC item, so you're probably right. Much appreciated. Andy
  2. U.S. Army WW1 era patch? ID please. It came with an old ROTC patch. Thanks
  3. KOREAN WAR ERA UNIT PAINTED HELMET LINER. 663 Field Artillery Battalion. Ryukyus Command, the unit is the 663rd Field Artillery Battalion, a separate FA BN on Okinawa, assigned sometime in 1955 or so from Ft Bragg North Carolina, inactivated on The Rock 25 June 1958 due to the CARS Reorganization. The liner's actual wear will then date after 1955 when the unit is in Okinawa, the unit crest for the 663rd FA BN adopted in October 1953 when unit was still at Ft Bragg. [Thanks to Forum member; Patches for identifying and providing unit history]
  4. KOREAN WAR ERA UNIT PAINTED HELMET LINER. "KEY TO VICTORY" UNIT? CAPAC liner. I'm thinking Okinawa but am unsure of the unit. Any info appreciated. Andy
  5. As always, I had a great time at the Show of Shows. We're spoiled that the show is held in our own backyard, but regardless of where you live, this is a show you want to attend at least once. There's an incredible variety of militaria. Everything from a dollar patch to multi hundred-thousand dollar, museum grade Third Reich relics. There really is something for everyone. I saw a lot of old friends and made a couple of new ones. Business was good, although for me, more from the dealers and members than the retail customers. And, there were bargains to be had. I'm already looking forward to next
  6. OVERSIZED 5" 71ST INFANTRY DIVISION FELT PATCH. USE? THOUGHTS From the estate of a veteran of the 71st Infantry Division. 5" in diameter. WW2 or later? Use? Thanks
  7. ANTIQUES AT DOUGLASS LOOP, LOUISVILLE CLOSED IT'S RETAIL STORE. After twenty years we have closed our retail store on Harvard Drive in Louisville, Kentucky. In the past, the week before the OVMS Show of Shows was the most exciting time of the year for us at Antiques at Douglass Loop. It was a chance to see so many of our fellow collectors and dealers who had made the trip to Louisville for the show. I certainly will miss seeing everyone in the relaxed setting of the store. On a better note, we will be vending at the show. See you there.
  8. Personally, I believe it is old. As mentioned,it may be a veteran's item. It belongs to a friend and it came in an estate lot. Everything else in the group was authentic. The group spanned items from the Civil war through the Spanish American War. Thanks for everyone's opinions. Always appreciated. Andy
  9. 5th Kentucky LL Infantry badge. Louisville Legion. Civil War? Span Am? Veteran? This is an interesting badge. I'm not sure if this is a corp badge or a veteran's badge. The 5th Kentucky Louisville Legion fought in the Civil War, but I'm told there was a 5th Kentucky in the Spanish American War. The badge is cut from lightweight metal. Approx 3"tall. Any thought or opinions appreciated. Andy
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