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  1. I found an Imerial Knife with scabbard. It is unique in the way that on the end is like a hammer with a nail puller and there are screw drivers on the end of the hand guard. I will try and take pictures when I can but was wondering if anyone had any knowledge of age or application as I have not seen one before. Thanks
  2. Yes, thank you for the information. I'll have to continue my search for an authentic affordable Screaming Eagle for my collection.
  3. Did you leave negative feedback? I don't see anything for this item. I wonder if it's the same guy I bought it from or someone he sold it to.
  4. I bought from somebody at our local flea market. I am not this Kenny person. Sorry
  5. Wow, am I confused. The rest of this group I passed on was all from the WW2 Era. That does not mean this is. Would be nice. I was just curious as this is my oldest to date. But now not sure of the date.
  6. I was thinking of removing the excess thread and lightly ironing it. What do you guys do?
  7. The group I saw this come from was all in world war 2. Interesting article but I did not see anything on the blue border.
  8. Paid $20. Is that too much? I did not have one.
  9. Try to find out more information about this patch. Era, Value, etc. Just wanted to check to make sure what I was told was correct. I hope I did not over pay.
  10. Did not think he was part of the rough riders but can not find anything on a George Pond service of 1884. Will take close ups when I can.
  11. Thanks for the information. I was trying to get information on the medals and what they might have been received for.
  12. Just curious how much did this run? Been bitten by the WW1 and before time period. Thanks!
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