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  1. Great Thread! I didn't realize there were so many variations. The Jewish one is really interesting. Thanks for posting these. BKW
  2. Very glad this thread has generated a lot of interest. Posted photo's appear to show this type lanyard in use as a dog leash and a pistol lanyard. I suppose, until we find a published photo in a manual or a labeled package, we still don't know for sure what it was made for. But, it does appear to have WW II USMC origins. The size of the snap hook seems to me to be too small to be made for use as a dog leash. Thanks to everyone who has contributed! BKW
  3. Great photo! Interesting wear of the brass. Nice shot of the rocket. Thanks for posting it. BKW
  4. RIP Captain Towne, you passed way too young, but you've left behind a beautiful uniform to be treasured by historians. BKW
  5. Looks WW II type construction to me. I'd lean toward some type of engineer equipment. BKW
  6. That is interesting also! One of those items that at first glance, you would think it would be easy to ID. Thanks, BKW
  7. Great Information! Thanks! Other items found in that first aid pouch are still sealed in the green plastic, very cool! Best regards, BKW
  8. Thanks Robin! Flair pistols, never crossed my mind! Interesting! I'm assuming you mean US flair pistols. Early USN didn't have a lanyard loop (Mark II & III), the Very Pistol Mark IV did have a lanyard loop, as did the H & R Very Pistol M5 and the Mark VI. The nearly ubiquitous AN-M8 did not have a loop as it was mostly an Air Force issue item. The USN Mark IV and the USN Mark 5 did have the loop. Maybe because it was associated with a/an USMC flair pistol, it was ID's as a USMC pistol lanyard? Anybody have an other input? Photo's? Are these very commonly found? I don't recall seeing m
  9. I picked this up the other day, never seen one before. I wonder if it actually worked. Note the date: 6/66. I’m kinda glad when I served in a combat zone; I didn’t need this issued to me (or shark repellant!). Thanks for looking! BKW
  10. I picked up this lanyard recently and can’t positively ID it. I’m sure I’ve seen it ID’d before, but can’t find the reference. In the back of my mind I’m thinking it was ID’d as a WW II US Marine issue. It is well made, with an all brass hook, no markings on the webbing or the hook that I can find. The length of the brass hook is 1 5/8th inches; the width of the webbing is 5/8th of an inch; total length is about 56 inches. Anybody know for sure? Thanks in advance! BKW
  11. I'm sure they were used, at least pre war and likely early on. These were very common to put an embossed raised seal on official government documents. To actually find one that has a military seal would be really neat! The press itself was likely just commercially made, with the seal custom ordered for what ever organization was using it. BKW
  12. Very Nice! Early dated are hard to find. These typically are pillow covers, it likely has an opening in the side or bottom to slip a pillow in. Overseas one's like this are the most interesting to me. Literally hundreds of designs exist, most from US bases. Thanks for posting it. BKW
  13. No Problem! I forgot I had posted that, and I really would not have any idea of current market value. Fun to see again. I have it around here-somewhere! BKW
  14. Looks like a great piece to me! Thanks for posting it. BKW
  15. Great Photo! Very nice follow up information. Glad the name was written on the back. When ever I see a photo like this, I always hope they had a great and long life together. BKW
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