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    US Military History in general. We have a special interest in Indiana Made military items.

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  1. Great thread, I'd love to find a box of that ammo also. Great photo's! Thanks, BKW
  2. Nice, but I think your missing the main ingredient. It is hard to find the WW II dated ones all the ones I come across are VN surplus. BKW
  3. I see, the donkey belongs to the rat. Very good. BKW
  4. Very cool! I think the pin-up is still doing her job also! BKW
  5. Minor technical detail, the rat and the donkey need to switch places. Now, with it being a five star general's helmet, we could probably nail down who wore it. BKW
  6. Very nice souvenir. They were used by the Imperial Japanese Navy, and it fires the 6.5 mm Japanese cartridge. Just to avoid confusion, the Italian made, Japanese Type I rifles do not have a "mum" on them. BKW
  7. Hello Powerhouse, My buddy did some quick internet searches and verbally passed along the information. Since I didn't get the PH, I haven't reason to follow up. Maybe b searching this persons records you can find out more about the LST. My buddy did say the LST was one of the one's built at Evansville, IN. Regards, BKW
  8. Thanks for the additional comments folks. We have a couple of other items from the Jay Garment Co., a couple wartime company newsletters, one mentions a former female employee who was serving in the Marines. And at a local auction, I found a single 13 star metal button in a button jar, the button was never used and the wife of the household had worked at the company during WW II. I read once that it was a conscious decision by the War Department to allow makers to put their company name on items to show military users who made the things they were issued. I do find it interesting where the militaria I purchase was actually produced. But, sometimes what you find as an maker location, is just where the company headquarters is located, not the physical location of the plant. Great input, Thanks! BKW
  9. Love the NOK tags. Nice set from an little less known branch. Great you found more info. BKW
  10. Thanks everyone. I'm trying to decide if I should put them on a full mannequin or in a case. BKW
  11. Great Photo! Thanks for the comments all. The Lt's pair of coveralls seem to be in very nice shape also! BKW
  12. I picked up this uncommon set of Nurses HBT coveralls the other day, I think it is the first set I’ve ever seen/noticed. Special features are the epaulets, button belt instead of a buckle, and a drop seat. I wonder why they didn’t put a drop seat in the men’s version, that was a common complaint about the camo HBT coveralls. Thanks for looking. BKW
  13. Neat can and great information! Thanks, BKW
  14. Very nice group! He certainly put a lot of rounds down range to earn that many awards. BKW
  15. Thanks for all the comments folks. These will live in a local veterans history museum that I'm associated with. BKW
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