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  1. Oval is a 100% reproduction, cap patch is not World War 2 era, 101st patch is a modern "Saving Private Ryan" example. Unfortunately, someone is going to lose a lot of money on this one.
  2. Did anyone win the auction for this “unnamed” British made Dress uniform? The seller had multiple things from the same estate listed. I was able to win the m43 jacket and the binoculars, sweater, lighter and toiletries group. All of the items were listed as unnamed but I spent some time researching the initials and number inside of the jackets and found the information. This group belonged to Allen E. Smith of C company, 325th Glider Infantry Regiment. 1LT Smith saw action during multiple campaigns and was killed in Holland. This is an incredibly historic group and I hate that it was split up.
  3. I wanted to bring this back to the top and give an update. Ronnie was gracious enough to sell this group to me. I am extremely thankful to put such a wonderful group in my 4th Division collection. After I received the group in the mail, I studied the helmet and it turns out that the A washers are actually green painted, not black. He also told me that the sweat band was added by him for the purposes of the pictures, so the lack of age and "use" on the sweat band makes sense. Could the fact that the A washers are green make the helmet and liner right for being at Normandy? Again, theres no way
  4. Thanks for the comments! As of now I havent found an ID yet but I am still searching.
  5. That is very interesting. Thanks for the reply! I will try and shoot him an email about an ID. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the responses. And johan I sent you a private message. I would love to find more info.
  7. I wanted to share the newest addition to my collection. I am focusing my collection on the Fourth Infantry Division in World War 2 and this is one of my center pieces so far. This is a wonderful officers tanker jacket with what appears to be reinforced sleeves. I am still trying to make out the name on the tag as it would be great to link it to an infantry regiment. Let me know what you think!
  8. It has some kind of oil over the top to preserve the markings. Not quite sure what it is.
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