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  1. Plus, you get an M8A1 scabbard with "M1 .30 Cal" officially engraved on the back of throat! 😀
  2. Nice job! Would love to have a bonus room like that one day.
  3. tarheeltim

    T26E3 Pershing

    Very nice! Good job!
  4. I have a couple of Schlueters, and I looked hard for the "S" on this one, but didn't see one. Another collector said he had seen similar insignia, and it was some sort of USMC tactical marking. I was hoping to see if that could be confirmed or denied.
  5. I picked up this helmet this weekend at a local estate sale. It's rear seam, with sewn on OD chinstraps, and a yellow square painted on the front with the number 4 inside. Any insights on what this represents? My understanding is that although rear seam, the sewn on chinstraps indicate WWII production. The lot number appears to be "542" or "542A". Overall, it's in excellent condition. Any info on period, what the insignia represents, and value would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Welcome from Raleigh! Nice gear you have there!
  7. Looks good, and sounds like a great friend!
  8. Just saw this on eBay and was about to message SKIPH. Knife and scabbard definitely repro. Thanks for posting.
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