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  1. Skip, did you check out the Camillus M4 the same seller is offering? It's the later (or modern) version with the crossguard that's wider in the middle. The blade is super nice, but the handle is sort of ratty, and doesn't look like the typical Camillus handle. Leads me to believe the handle was replaced with older leather from another knife/bayonet to make it look more WWII vintage. What do you think?
  2. Milsco M6 with the large ordnance bomb is a reproduction. Camillus marked blade with the incorrect style "M" font is a modern version. Tone of leather on the handle looks like it's been replaced. Must have used an original 2 pin pommel when putting it back together. Deceptive all the way around!
  3. I just noticed the auction was ended, and the item was relisted as a reproduction.
  4. I see that the description has now been updated to indicate he's been told by others that it is a reproduction, however, he says he thinks it is authentic.
  5. Thanks for the photos Lance, and good to hear from you Skip! In addition to the crimp and slightly smaller rivet heads, the repro scabbards typically don't have a drain hole, and no period after the "L" and after the "F".
  6. SKIPH, here's another object lesson for you to share with newer collectors! This is a reproduction M1918 trench knife scabbard currently listed on eBay (item 164520119975, if someone could link to the auction), that is being offered as an unissued original. I messaged the seller (whom I don't know) earlier today to let them know it was definitely a reproduction, and that they run the risk of tarnishing their stellar feedback rating by not accurately describing the item. I have not gotten a response, and the item description has not been updated. The current bid price (over $200) confirms t
  7. Definitely put together. It should have an Ithaca frame, and be parkerized.
  8. Plus, you get an M8A1 scabbard with "M1 .30 Cal" officially engraved on the back of throat! 😀
  9. Nice job! Would love to have a bonus room like that one day.
  10. Very nice! Good job!
  11. I have a couple of Schlueters, and I looked hard for the "S" on this one, but didn't see one. Another collector said he had seen similar insignia, and it was some sort of USMC tactical marking. I was hoping to see if that could be confirmed or denied.
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