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  1. hello, thanks for the article, i send a PM with the Panther Darnes picture
  2. Hello, are you sure? for me D+number, it s serial number in Us army for Tools. thanks
  3. Hello, i found these items, i search any information about these cleaning rob from Us army. For tank? For howitser? thanks you so much for your help.
  4. For me the crew: Tank commander/ Speros bakalos LWA Assist gunner/ george everhart ? Driver/ oscar m stewart KIA ?/Donald victorine WIA ?/bud carmichael "hoagy" ? With the report of 191st Tank battalion, just one KIA With the french testimonial two KIA ....i dont know....
  5. hello, it 's amazing post! i am from southern France, near Allex, i word on the history of this Sherman, Knocked out by a Panther, in "Nodon" Farm, picture of the sherman: https://www.memoire-drome.com/recherche-detail.html?q=nodon&i=3&id=161789 I have the testimonial of the family in the cave of Nodon, they saw the battle and howls from the Sherman, 3 men escape, one leg torn with blood.... If you want Contact me for Information. I saw several family of this crew on the post.
  6. hello, i research , in this little bag, what are the items for complete this one? if anyone has the nomenclature. thanks a lot.
  7. hello, thanks for information. it s possibly , it was 832th amphibious group under the VI corps? for this insignia.
  8. Hello, this liner was found in southern france, it s the transportation corps? dukw 's conductor? A friend say: transportation corps of the VI Corps, are you agree too? thanks a lot.
  9. hello from southern france, this soldier Zarochin Joseph date of death 30 august 1944 Near ALIXAN and MONTELIER history: A column of 2 us vehicules : 2 dodge with antitank gun, in the first dodge one FFI soldier "andré touzery" to guide us soldiers A groupe of P-51 mustang fly over the area and attack the column ( the us vehicules did not put their signal flag on the hood ) the mens in the first dodge are dead: 3 us soldier ( zarochin joseph and 2 others friends ) and the FFI andre touzery, a bullet in the head the monument: 1 FFI and 3 Us soldiers our
  10. squat leader, i found this helmet in "la coucourde" where the 11 panzer division try to capture the village, town defended by 36th, no other unit, that 's the problem at the first i think artillery with the red but So hard..a mystery
  11. Hello, i am again on this problem with this insignia This helmet was found on a moutain where fought 36th texas I show the relics at a collector of a 36th texas he says: it s the insignia of the texas army national guard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Army_National_Guard Red left, blue righ,He has already seen this kind of insignia on the soldiers of the 36th During 1944 I need your opinions?
  12. Hello, just found from southern france Battle square of montelimar Where 45th, 36th and 3rd fought in august 1944 In the past, i found relics of 36th helmet and ordnance company helmet And now this one, i search to identify this insigna thanks a lot for your help.
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