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  1. Thanks for the info Kurt, the screw back is something I didn't know about on these. Still puzzled about the lack of a unit designation, no indication that there was one that may have come off.
  2. You nailed it guys, thanks.I found a patch with the same design online that was probably created for whatever naval crews participated in the testing. I'm pretty sure that the buckle was made in limited numberss and distribute to senior project managers and Naval officers involved with the project.
  3. Found this among my fathers belongings but have never seen one before and puzzled by the lack of a unit identification. Very similar to lapel pins but the screw backing indicates it is not. The badge is approx 1 inch across. Can Anyone provide info?
  4. I believe this is in reference to the submarine Michigan, but have no idea when or why it was made. Can anyone identify it ? Any information would be appreciated. The reverse does not show a maker but is stamped Frequency Engineering Laboratories, a company my mother worked for during the 60's thru the 80's and was a government contractor.
  5. Really appreciate the info and the link to TIOH. Thanks
  6. Going by memory, but thats not it. I find this posted here, and this may be it, but I seem to remember a diagonal bar instead of a lightning bolt with several telephone poles instead of stars
  7. My father served with the 50th Sig BN in Sendai Japan between 1952-53 and I have been looking for the unit crests from that period. Can't remember exactly what they looked like but know they were different than the ones I've found on ebay. Can anyone point me to a reference source or provide a picture of the crest from that period? Would like to obtain one for my collection.
  8. Have a number of embroidered wings that were given to me back in the early 50s . How collectible are they and do they have any value? Here are pics of some of them. Would appreciate identification as well.
  9. Yep, the AFN patch reads Far East. We used to call the KOMZ torch patch the "flaming honey bucket"
  10. Here' pics of mine collected at Sendai Japan 1952/1953...
  11. Pretty sure it is after reading the linked post. Has me wondering how I came by it in Japan since its a reproduction of a WWI SSI.
  12. Will take some pics and post them up. The 100th with the Century tab is a bullion and unfortunately in pretty poor shape.
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