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  1. Bill, many many thanks for the ID. He was part of the 1st NY Cavalry, so nice to find an attributable CSC to that unit. best Roy
  2. Hi All, would anyone one be able to ID a WW1 NY CSC #897? Thx Roy
  3. Could anyone help ID a WW1 NY CSC numbered 897? Nice to see early ones.... thanks Roy
  4. Just to add to the low numbered PH thread... PH No.192 issued to Donald Lee Lester, Co.L 109th Inf (PA) reported missing/wounded around 15 July 1918 Marne, returned recovered later POW. Bearing in mind Co.L's stalwart defense of their salient during hand to hand fighting, for me anyway it's a meritorious award! (part of a larger grouping of other brother's WW1 and father's Civil War medals)
  5. Hi all, Can someone tell me if NOK were able to claim WW! Victory medals for deceased family? I have a Mexican Border medal to a guy who was KIA in WW1 and so was wondering if his mother might have been able to claim his Victory medal? As he was dead by the time MBSMs were issued anyway, I guess she might have..? I assume there was a protocol for this? Any help appreciated, Roy
  6. Hi All, would anyone out there have access to the NJ Civil War medal number roster? Looking to source medal number 1466. Any help appreciated! R
  7. Thanks very much for the information in the posts..it kind of confirms my worst fears! Back to the drawing board with this one. But the NY CSC still remains a favorite and is very underrated. Very best to all
  8. Would anyone be able to help me with this one? I recently acquired an NY CSC #1121, which purportedly is to Captain Alfred A Weiss, 161st Infantry. His NY index card checks out to this number, the date of "issue" given on his card is March 5 1946. What I failed to notice ( I must pay more attention and get new glasses!) is that this cross is of course a modern issue... My question would be, could this cross be a modern very late issue? Or possible a replacement? Or, do the index cards not necessarily mean a medal was issued on that date on the card? Last musing on this would be that
  9. Pleased to report that Lester's PH has now been repatriated with his other medals....persistence and a sympathetic seller helps, it turns out! Probably parted with a bit more than it's really worth (how do we gauge that anyway) but it's a great feeling to keep them together. Nice to see an early # PH too. Donald L Lester Co. L 109th US (Keystone/Iron Div, from Danville Ky) was reported wounded and MIA, but then evidently made it back or was found (how many days later - still to find this out). His wound was sustained from an exploding grenade, injuring one of his shoulders. (This would ha
  10. Dave, Yes, it doesn't always work that what you pay once is what you get back in $ when it goes. We've all been there; but, it's what we find in the meantime - that's the REAL value, in my opinion. Sometimes, we get lucky and the research we do pays off in $ but that isn't why we do it. But when something sells for way more than we want to pay, then the big thing to do is to walk away. The niggling shame of it, is that most times the other buyer doesn't REALLY know quite what gem they have in their hand! Ho hum, Roy
  11. Guys, Many thanks for your inputs - the latest screenshot says it all! Thanks Dave. Despite my best efforts and soothing words, I am getting nowhere fast with a seller that just wants more almighty $. I think I am just going to have to console myself with Lester's other medals, his brother's (Colonel, US Engineers) and father's (CW, 3rd NY Vols). My eyes are watering already at the price it is now; for a 28th Div, 109th US medal, it seems expensive. Maybe I'm being surreptitiously being played with.....?! I have been after a PH for a while, and when I started gathering this groupi
  12. Hi, Ive managed to buy nearly all of the attributable numbered ones so far, to preserve the group. The PH has just surfaced about a week later....I was just hoping to strike a route of communication with anyone on USMF who might be bidding on it beforehand or who might win it in the end over me. Apologies if my wording is confusing! Roy
  13. Hi All, Recently posted on a well-known internet auction website is a Purple Heart #192, named to a "Donald L Lester", in it's box etc, part of a greater listing of various medals all connected unbeknown to the seller of them.The seller has been splitting and selling individually the three generation grouping of medals all to the same family, regrettably. It's such a shame to see. However, I have managed to secure many of them so far in a effort to preserve them ( call me sentimental), however I fear this Purple Heart may slip away and be lost forever to someone who maybe won't appreciate
  14. Jeff, Many thanks for the look-up; much appreciated! Presumably all those SSC men could also have applied for a later (1932 onwards) Silver Star, although i suspect many didn't bother! Can I ask another quick question - were NY CSC's awarded later (in the 80's and 90's?) for WW2 service as a "blanket" award to those veterans - or did they have to be individually applied for and also vetted? Do we know if any special criteria had to be met, like a wound etc? Thanks Roy
  15. Friends, I am wondering if someone can help me trying to ascertain if USAAC men actually received clasps to their Victory medals? I'm asking because I am sure I read that as these various units were attached to French corps/division etc and ostensibly under French not US command that (on Pershing's insistence) that clasps were not awarded to their medals? Or have I badly mis-understood?! I ask because I have a Span Am/WW1 group to a Brooklyn man who had served with the 13th NYSNG in the Spanish American War and later served with Section 624 USAAC. He was in his forties and a Clerk at C
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