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  1. no i tried again and figured out I was not clicking the add to post. It helps when you remember all the steps. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, i want to post some pics in the for sale section and can't. After I have uploaded my file When I click the attach button the clear button re acts and I get an error message that no file was selected, and there is no picture when I preview. Whats wrong thanks Mike
  3. that is a beautiful knife for a fake the ID line is all wrong, too small and no US and to many grooves and of coarse the chrome plating. The worst thing about is it so obvious, I know very little about M3s
  4. could be you have a private purchase machete or one that was not dated
  5. a 1 pin Camillus is a reproduction. M3s were only made for issue during WWII and they all had 2 pins
  6. Hi, you are not wrong about the date but they started dating in 1967 the ones produced before that were marked as yours is. you have an early Camillus JPK, This is not a commercial knife. The starburst is probably where the tang was peened to hold everything together, can't say more without a picture of the starburst. hope this helps
  7. quick quiz what after war bad B movie did that story come out of, at least thats what it sounds like. I wonder if he will get what he wants for it
  8. nice collection, I love the machetes
  9. they can be ridiculous some times, there will be dozens of the very same thing for sale but they nail one in particular. i read about a woman who listed a German helmet, every time she listed no matter how it was rejected despite the many already listed. She thought it might have been a competitor' She sold it at a show for 500.00. ebay missed there cut. I would keep calling ebay till you get somebody who know the difference post a picture and explain that it is not a fire arm
  10. yes was also used on the Springfield 03
  11. I have had post in my email almost every day, maybe your notification got goofed up some how
  12. that is a 5 inch jet piliot survival knife, they started making the 5 inch in 1964
  13. what people like this hope for is a newbie to stupid to know any better, or somebody who has more money than they know what to do with.
  14. also if it was WWII the cross guard would have a slight curve
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