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  1. Thanks I will look into this for sure, it is so interesting to learn more about this , the more I read about what you are sharing the more I think I need to grab it! Also I will send you a PM DiGilio !
  2. Wow so cool thanks again for all your help! it is such a neat piece of history!
  3. for sure! And yes, I believe so as one of the mods said I should post it here to begin with. I was mostly looking for an ID on this bring back. But at this point I fee I have the information I need : )
  4. Thank you so much for everyone help on this one! I really appreciate learning about different countries, especially their militaria! Would you all say this is a rare flag ? The seller is asking bout 130$, I personally have never seen one until this one. It is about 20 to 40 inches without the fringe I would say....
  5. Hello Friends! I came across this flag, I believe it to be a Japanese naval retired officer regiment flag. It's a bit rough but what do you expect? (haha!) Can someone please help with the translation of the hand written part? I assume it is the city or something. A admin friend will be uploading photos shortly!.. Thanks so much!
  6. I'm looking for any items related to Lester S Whipkey , he served during World War 2 , he died in the 1960s in a accident. He was from West Virginia. Here's his file on the NA site. https://aad.archives.gov/aad/record-detail.jsp?dt=893&mtch=2&cat=WR26&tf=F&sc=24994,24995,24996,24998,24997,24993,24981,24983&bc=,sl,fd&txt_24995=Lester+Whipkey&op_24995=0&nfo_24995=V,24,1900&rpp=10&pg=1&rid=6043927&rlst=6015792,6043927 Thanks for helping in the search!
  7. I'm looking for any items related to a Henry M. Whipkey , he served in the West Virginia 11th Volunteers , Co D during the civil war. May consider a medal from a man in the same unit , as well. he would have been a great great great grandfather! Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks so much for you help I will be sure to add this to his document I purchased. I am not sure about the medal, would love to find it. I did connect with a cousin of his online but no reply yet. What book did you write ? I will try to find a copy
  9. Just got a really interesting KIA document , president memorial doc, related to Robert A. Mett, a NJ resident he was a part of the LCI 232, sunk on Utah Beach. Having visiting Normandy myself this was a very special item for me to be the care taker of... Would love to find a photo of the ship or more things related to him! i will try to upload a photo of the document later..!
  10. I have seen a lot of flags being sold from a museum collection on heritage, amazing the only provenance is some type of donation form , nothing more!
  11. Hello All, I am looking for PH medal or related docs for the following KIA men: Roscoe Stephens 501st PIR Co G , part of the 101st died 6/9/1945 Earned Bronze Star , Silver Star, Purple Heart Service Number 35689035 Robert Allen Mett USS LCI 232, died 6/6/1944 from the State of New Jersey Utah Beach , Normandy D-Dday Would love to reconnect ! ....Thanks
  12. I meant I see it for sale currently elsewhere (the Purple heart). I came across this article when researching it. Interesting medal ! Thanks for the information and connection
  13. I meant I see it for sale currently elsewhere (the Purple heart). I came across this article when researching it. Interesting medal ! Thanks for the information and connection
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