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  1. Dear Gents Here I go this time I wanted to know if this cap is Vietnam period because it has a label DSA... 69...is the year of making and EGA matches period too? Thanks once more for your help. Fernando
  2. What have we here same man was a sailor and a US Marine or was his father? https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/wwii-usmc-blouse-ec-ellis-2-marines-1915504552
  3. Hi You mean cap US NAVY matches good to this cap and used since WW1 because this tally US NAVY started in WW2 in 1941 later Pearl Harbour attack and what period you think aprox is the cap please? Thanks in advance Fernando
  4. You mean the generic US NAVY cap tally was used during WW1 because I asumed this tally begun to be used in 1941
  5. Comments please:original... Period...? Thanks
  6. Please could you post a pic from these 2 since a front view? On the other way the green yours is wool made as usually in regulations? Thanks once more Fernando
  7. Dear Gents I wonder what cap we have here??? I decided post this US NAVY VISOR with a longer visor(may pre-war) and buttons eagle facing as different side (pre 1941)than eagle and apart I was said gray one but really on hands lokkks really a green one from those used for US naval aviator even I was searching info and I read than those green for US Navy pilots were USUALLY made in wool but is not possible than here we have an exception and visor is a green one made in another material different than wool? Please leave your thoughts
  8. Hi patches for you my cap is gray for sure althought in hands is more green than gray and so I read than usually(usually are not all from these visors) US NAVAL aviators were made in green wool but in this case is not possible mine is a green one but made in another material than is not wool???? Thanks once more
  9. Really on hands is more green than gray although in pics may be looks gray color and in this case i wonder wether it would possible a GREEN one as mine made in another material(no wool made as the most US NAVAL AVIATOR,s visors????
  10. Please What kind of US NAVY visor made by Columbia the gem of caps have here, any US NAVY aviator?
  11. Sorry Im surprised, nobody knows anything about this cap, today I had on hands and really is a GREEN cover one, not gray and no khaki and what we have here because I read on thread attatched US NAVY GREEN COVER visors for pilots were USUALLY made in wool but is not made in wool but is Green for sure even comparing with a khaki cover one and another question is what range would be these caps? http://usww2uniforms.com/USN_combination_cap.html Thanks in advance Fernando
  12. I have just seen EGA has 2 prongs on back and no screwback is ok this system too... I could not take out for pics without danage
  13. Sorry no opinions... Is a WW2 period one and what about EGA matches with this cap? I was said captain bars are Army and so are added in period or impossible to say? Thanks in advance
  14. Please no comments... Buttons are facing in the opposite side than eagle device... May be was used across PRE and WW2, visor is longer than usual and is gray or green one for pilots, any thoughts? I posted a Police gray cap to compare? Thanks in advance Fernando
  15. Hi I would like your thoughts about this supposed WW2 grey visor cap, is a genuine period one and what about those grey ones... Were used only for US NAVY PILOTS? Thanks in advance Fernando
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