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  1. I think in John Plaster’s book on SOG there is a pic of his load out which shows his bolo. I have never seen a pic of one in use.
  2. Another red flag is the "US" stamped on the scabbard. These were made sterile for SF SOG teams. The box that mine is in is stamped "N.F.S.N." Which according to noted knife expert Tom Clinton (who sold it to me) meant "No Federal Stock Number".
  3. I guess what got me worried was the reproduction recognition page of the well respected Frank Trzaska's site, in which he showed pics of repro and real thumb prints and wrote: "Note the design and shape of the Case name stamping and the thumbprint which goes from edge to edge on the original but not on the repro." But I totally agree- anything done by hand will have variations.
  4. Thanks so much for posting these pics Warpath. I read somewhere that all real V-42's had to have the thumb grooves touch the edges of the ricasso. Yours is like mine: close but does not touch.
  5. Bill: Thanks very much for your expert advice. So far so good. My sheath has all the requisite details- eight blued staples at the throat, seven diamond shaped rivets on each side plus one horizontal diamond rivet on the keeper strap. Adding to the fact it has a Rau snap and the correct round rivets (?) fastening the belt loop on top... I am pretty sure it's the real thing. Another interesting detail is a name written in pencil on the back "COL Winton" My beginner's search skills have found nothing on him. I would love to show off my V42 and sheath and post pics here. I value your opinion
  6. Mashig: Is your book a print book or an "E" book only? Thanks for posting your pics. I have one of these kits but mine still has the anti-pilfering lead seal attached so I can't open her up. As much as I want to, it would be sacrilegious to break that seal!
  7. Don't know how to edit above post. I should have tried Google before replying! Thanks ccyooper, I'll dig into these names with my limited research skills and hope I get a lead.
  8. Where do I with these names and numbers?
  9. Thanks Bob your pics have been very helpful. Yes, that's what mine looks like exactly. I've found out that Rau Co. is a very old company and made lots of fasteners for military goods during the war (among other things they made the snaps for USMC camo oufits). I think they were bought out by Scovil so I doubt Rau records went with them. I will try to contact Scovil to try anyway. So far so good on my scabbard, and since authentic scabbards are USUALLY paired with authentic knives, things are looking good!
  10. When you think of tons of military aid sent over to Europe as well as the gear worn and used by U.S. forces, I'm surprised we don't hear about more popping up. I'm hoping there's still a few forgotten old dusty warehouses of stuff yet to be found!
  11. Greetings. I decided to dig out my small collection of knives after acquiring most pieces about thirty years ago. While going over the scabbard to my V-42 in an attempt to authenticate it and the knife (see separate thread), I saw something that I totally forgot about... there printed in pencil was the name: COL. WINTON I guess my Google skills are weak because all I could find is : "WINTON L. CAMERON 8-2" on the firstspecialserviceforce.net roster. Can't find anything else. I know there are members here with extensive databases to the Force as well as photos in some cases. Can som
  12. Awesome knife, yes more detail if you can please. The ricasso and underside of the scabbard snaps if you have your camera handy. if not anything would be appreciated. on the underside of my male snap, I see what looks like RAU F. CO. PROV R.I." Does yours have that? Because I'm a new poster I see my replies are limited , I think I have only two more today..
  13. I can start taking some pics but don't I need a certain number of posts to show here?
  14. Thanks for posting JW517 but I am looking for a close up of the underside of both snaps.
  15. Hello all! First I would like to say thanks to all the folks here for giving me hours of entertainment reading the posts from all the forum sections. Really a wealth of information. I've lurked here for a long time but finally decided to jump in participate. I want to eventually show the knives I've collected but I think you need a minimum amount of posts before you can post pics here? I am currently trying to see if my V42 knife and scabbard are real. I'm trying to figure it out myself before asking the experts here for help, but ii's a daunting task. Just when I see a telltale sign, I
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