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  1. This was included in a group of SSI'S, and I've no idea what it is if it is in fact military. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. From what I understand most CMP rifles will have a mix of parts. So I didn't think a '49 barrel is too unusual with a '56 receiver heck the fire control group dates to 1944 and the bolt 1943
  3. Good evening I just purchased my first m-1 it's a CMP rifle with a Springfield serial number of 5956276 any idea when this was manufactured? I know it's post war the barrel is dated 10-49. Thraot is at 3 and muzzle is 2 it has a new Walnut stock.
  4. Around a 5"x9" 48 star older than 1945 I know they come in varying quality such as linen, wool etc. Some are printed some a re very good quality and thick I opt for the later Quality But not necessarily used in war.
  5. Yes eBay has plenty to choose from but finding the correct one is difficult. Thanks for all the good info?
  6. I've been looking for an 48 star flag from the 30's or 40's but I'm not sure how to determine the age of a flag I am looking at. Does anyone have any helpful advice?
  7. I wish to purchase a genuine 48star flag what do I look for? I would like a flag from wwwii how can I locate one?
  8. I just aquired these and I have a few questions. We're these patches authorized? We're they actually worn or are they just fantasy pieces, or commeratives. I like to collect these but don't know much about them Mark
  9. I have never seen a 5th division patch like this. Any thoughts?
  10. Yes sir but I was long gone by 1983
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